Sundays, and Doughnuts, and Dogs

Well, it’s Sunday. We have a houseful of guests, so I suggested to hubby to go get DOUGHNUTS!!

We were triumphant in our endeavors. We returned with many delectable varieties for the masses, including this one for moi:

Raspberry-filled glazed deliciousness. You are drooling, I can tell. But Life has a way of making fun of me when I least expect it. You see, this post was originally going to regale you with the sweet nothings of the aforementioned doughnut. But alas, it is not to be. As I got up to get more coffee, my big dog Lenny took the opportunity to help herself to my slice of heavenly sinful sugary goodness!!!

That. Broke. My. Heart.

So, I shall make do with a kolache. And an additional cup of coffee to quell the desire to yell at my dog for taking the one joy I looked forward to today. But not to worry. I’m sure the Moscato will be flowing this afternoon 🙂

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15 responses to “Sundays, and Doughnuts, and Dogs

  • Reiuxcat

    My mouth is watering for an apple fritter now, they don’t know how to make the right in GA.

    Enjoy your day. 🙂

  • Lemur King

    Is THIS where you finally snap?

    It’s a pretty harsh thing to wake up to.

  • majorgambler


  • RabidAlien

    I always went for the lemon-filled.

    As for the rest of your day…just look at your dear hubby with those big, soulful eyes and tell him how devestated you are that 1) your donut is gone, b) your house is chaotically overrun, and III. you’re out of sniffable glue and/or Marks-a-Lot, and how your day is ruined unless you have something to look forward to tonight. Bat your eyes once or twice after saying this. And who knows? You might be treated to a raspberry-filled Marks-A-Lot on your pillow tonight!

  • LC LtC

    I’m impressed that you limited your day-dream pooch abuse to ‘yelling.’

    A few times, I got in one of our dogs faces; nose to nose, wordless, intense, fist holding onto the loose skin behind their ears. Bug eyed and breath holding they were. Didn’t have to show my toofers.

    I’d even reach in to excavate their mouth and pretend to eat the take-back. Heh. Don’t gots to let no stupid mutt out-alpha me!

    • LC Aggie Sith

      Well, it was my fault for leaving it where she could reach it. She knows not to get anything from the kitchen table, the island, or the counters, but I had set it right next to the laptop on my little desk.

      She knows I’m the alpha….female 😉

  • RoundHammer117

    Sorry you lost your doughnut, Ms.Aggie . . .

    You see the good in people and animals, you can normally afford trust.

    I am not wired that way. I was once, it cost me dearly. Almost cost me my life in dangerous lands . . . and the individuals responsible were dressed the same as me.

    No longer trust anyone, certainly not dogs who like lickies and chewies.

    But at least I know it is out of love for the doughnut . . . not malice aforethought and the cowardly desire for my violent demise.

    Only human beings are capable of that.

  • mrfixitou812

    I’ld offer you some of teh homemade blueberry cobler mrsfixit made for me , but I don’t think it would ship well (teh post office has a tendency to “lose” such items IYKWIMAITYD) and it’s a long drive to get here from there just for some cobler. But it is damn tasty ! 😀

  • katiepede

    DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!!!!! 😀 x

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