Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Dance the Night Away, Until 9 PM

This morning I woke up from a nice dream involving hippos and ice cream and a loud cotton candy machine. I had a slice of angel food cake before I went to bed, so that would account for all the sweets featured. The hippos remain a mystery. But the song that played in the background is now an earworm. Normally I hate that. I don’t want the same song playing in my head all day. Most of the time it’s very distracting. Who wants to keep hearing Call Me Maybe while trying to fold laundry? I certainly don’t. I would be too tempted to pierce my eardrums with the ice pick. But today’s offering is waaaaaaaaaay better!

I ♥ this song. I can do the dusting, the cleaning, the laundry, the vacuuming and it just fits!! Of course, there was a time in the distant past that I could stay up and dance the night away. Nowadays, I’m more apt to snore it. Age does that to one. But if the night started at 6 PM, after the Early Bird Specials, I would be very tempted. Of course, I would probably need a few painkillers afterwards, but it would be worth it 😉