Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

Math in Public

This past weekend, we travelled to the Houston bay area to visit with relatives. Yes, I delivered Christmas gifts, and before y’all decide to judge me, we ended up picking up a bunch of Christmas gifts, too.

I’m not the only one who procrastinated in the family.

A house full of kids will drive anyone insane, so the adults, consisting of Twin BIL and his wife Red, Nomstress and her hubby Nightflyer, and Mr. Aggie and myself, went out for sushi and adult conversation Saturday evening. We needed it. I had been exposed to so much Winx and Spongebob, and Call of Duty While Killing Nazi Zombies in a Cow Field (or some such game), that I was starting to ask my 6 year old niece why the Winx fairies didn’t have armor. I was a mess.

Anyway, we met the Nommie and Nightflyer at the sushi place, which was nice, except the ambiance was all hipster and the music was all contemporary American pop. Seriously, no Kitaro?? Silk Road I and II?? Sheesh… We get the menus and decide what sushi to ingest, and the talk turned to our perspective families, and the ties between then, since Nommie and Hubby and Twin BIL grew up together. The talk turned to the graduation timeline, and Nommie was trying to determine if she was “legal” the time they went to Spec’sā„¢ to buy beer.

Nommie: Well, keep in mind I graduated with you (Hubby and Twin BIL) in 1984, but I was sixteen.

Twin BIL: And the accident happened after I moved in with [Hubby] in 1991.

Nommie: So I was still underage, right?

Nightflyer: Honey, it was 1991. You were 16 in 1984.

Nommie: So….??

Me: Uh, 16+6= 22!!

Nightflyer: You should never do math in public, honey.

Nommie: Lesson learned!

In their defense, the sake was flowing pretty smoothly by this time. A great time was had, and a repeat performance scheduled for the next trip we take down to the area.

But there will be no math šŸ˜‰