Saturday Stuff

I’m at the inlaws this weekend. FINALLY delivering Christmas presents. STOP JUDGING ME!!!

And when I return, I shall be enjoying a few episodes of The Walking Dead.

I’ll have to enjoy them as I unpack Hubby’s stuff from Egypt, and doing laundry and ironing his uniform. But hey, I am great at multitasking!!

Enjoy the weekend!!! šŸ˜€

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11 responses to “Saturday Stuff

  • Nicole

    Hope it goes well. Love the picture!!

  • RabidAlien

    Never piss off your teddy bear.

  • RoundHammer117

    This will not do, Ms.Aggie . . .

    The undead ONLY apply to a post-apocolyptic human ultimate crisis, be it the result of supernatural, or microbial influence. It can ONLY be applied in certain circumstances, not thrown at the wall in some hollywood pitchman’s office like so much spagetti just to see what sticks.

    Else it is a Naked Money Grabā„¢.

    Naked Money Grabsā„¢ are Naked Money Grabsā„¢ are Naked Money Grabsā„¢ . . .

    Spiderman, Captain America and Ms.Mavel are NOT zombies!

    Jane Austin . . . NOT a zombie!

    President Abraham Lincoln . . . great emancipator and Vampire Hunter.

    But NOT a zombie!

    Ewoks . . . NOT zombies! Just annoyingly garbed in fur coats made from Plot Armorā„¢.

    Ja-Ja Binks . . . target practice . . .

    George Lucas . . . dead to me for murdering my childhood.

    Twenty-Eight Days Later . . . easily suspended disbelief, semi-realistic “zombies”! Even if Danny Boyle STOLE The Walking Dead Hero’s entrance . . .

    George Romero’s undead series . . . fantasy, yet still easily suspended disbelief “zombies”!

    The Walking Dead . . . read above.

    World War Z . . . not so much. The US Army being destroyed because our firepower cannot stop them . . .?!

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?!

    MAx Brooks, the writer, proved he has ZERO concept of what our ordnance can do to a human body. Kinda’ hard for a Zed to chew on someone when a fifty cal has liquified them from the sternum up . . . grazing fire from a Thunder Pig takes legs off, too. To say nothing of our tactics and ability to improvise on the move . . . but he is an idiot civie who could not be bothered to talk to anyone in the military for his book.

    When we had GI Parties in the barracks, or boot polish parties when we still used Kiwi, or ironing parties when we could still iron uniforms, we used “The Zombie Apocolypse” as an exercise in improvised thinking. How to organize on the fly, how to locate mission personnel and critical equipment, escape routes, rally points, saving innocent people, et al.

    Hey Max Brooks . . . we are ready for the Walkers, you smug, civie head up your fourth point of contact IDIOT!

    Sorry . . . Soldiers take their apocolypses seriously . . .

    • RabidAlien

      Wait…you used an iron on your CLOTHES? Is that even legal??? They do make a nice grilled-cheese-n-ham panini, if you don’t mind little dots instead of grill lines. And I’ve made a mean pot of Ramen on them several times. But on a uniform? How do you get the cheese out of your collar?

      • RoundHammer117

        That was easy, RA, mission specific irons.

        No starch on the panini though . . . unless requested.

        I won more than a few Monday morning open ranks inspection with creases sharp enought to slit savage throats with . . . Opened up a laundry business in the barracks and donated proceeds to the Company Emergency Relief Fund, which the CO and First Sergeant approved of.

        Use an iron on a set of Pixel Grays and the velcro melts.

        Correction . . . “Hook and Pile Tape”. The Army does not “endorse” commercial products. Pardon me while I beat the heat with a sip from my Camelbak, or “Flexible Personal Hydration Reservoir”.

        Since we can no longer use an iron, ACUs always look like you dove onto a wrinkle bomb to save the platoon.

        Now we have the “Cruise Ship Waiter” dress uniform, even though Soldiers overwhelmingly voted for a contemporary version of the Khaki and Tans . . .

        A modern General Eisenhower jacket with a Maroon Beret and Jump Boots . . .?

        Women would be asking: “What’s a Marine . . .?”

        • RabidAlien

          Yeah, they were experimenting with Dockers’ pants for the Navy uniforms when I got out. Bellbottoms look dorky, but there is a reason they’re made that way, and it has nothing to do with style (if anyone’s ever gone through the lifesaving merit badge course with the Boy Scouts, you know how hard it is to peel out of regular blue-jeans when they’re soakin wet and you’re tryin to keep your O2 tubes within the O2 boundaries. “Style” should have no place in any military dictionary. Function, followed by comfort. If you want style, wait until end-of-day and swap into your civvies.

          That bein said, I still have a couple of sets of our underway coveralls, aka “poopy suits” (no idea where the name came from). Although I don’t fit them anymore, they were possibly the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. Rumor has it, they’re actually being considered as the all-around general every-day Navy uniform, bumping the dungarees up to “suitable for public consumption” as the general all-around “dressy-ish” uniform, etc etc.

  • mj monaghan

    Oh my – that comic is scary-amusing!!

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