Daily Archives: July 11, 2012


So yesterday Hubby was getting the boxes that contained his office regalia out of the garage, and I found even more crap to go donate to Goodwill, because any thought I ever entertained about using the super gem table lamp and the garish silk table covers have gone out the window with his “Omg… you still have that??” look from when he spied it. So, some of the stuff will go to Goodwill, some to my niece, and some to Nicole, because she loves sparklies as much as I do.

Super gem table lamp.

And that is my recycling bin. I’m classy that way. I’m sure my niece will love that lamp for her little one. Hopefully I will have made a big enough dent in the pile that Hubby will not complain for lack of space. After the crap has been distributed or packed up, I shall begin organizing the tools and the books. I hope that the rain continues so that I don’t bake out there. If temperatures rise above 95* F, then I will shove everything out the garage door and pray that someone will come by and pick up their new treasures.

Hopefully before Hubby returns 😉