Daily Archives: July 10, 2012

Dulcet Sounds

Ok, full disclosure here: I am the big snorer in our house. It was inherited from my father, who inherited it from his mother, who snored so loud when Hubby and I were staying at her house that we opted to close the windows and suffocate rather than hear the cacophony.

Last night, however, was different. Hubby was very tired, and had imbibed after dinner, which was fabulous, by the way!! The dinner, I mean. I’m sure the Maker’s Mark is fabulous, too. Anyway, we went to bed, and not two minutes later, he was snoring. I woke him, and he stopped, and then began again. After the third time, I had to speak up.

Me: Honey, you are snoring.

Him: No, I’m not. That’s you.

Me: I’m not snoring. I’m not even asleep! I’m still praying.

Him: Ok, I will stop.

Fine, he did stop, but something told me it was just the eye of the storm. I continued my prayers, when suddenly he snored so loud he scared the living hell out of me.

Which I guess is a good thing while one is praying.

Me: HONEY!!!

Him: Huh, what?

Me: You snored so loud you scared me!

Him: That was you. I’ve been awake.

Me: …..

Me: I have been awake. YOU were snoring, and it was very loud.

Him: No, I was awake, and about to nudge you on your side.

Me: (fuming) Fine! Go to slee—

Him: (snoring again)

But the funniest part happened this morning. He came into the kitchen, telling me he fell asleep before I came to bed, and slept so well he didn’t wake up but a couple of times. I was speechless, but made up for it quickly. I told him what happened, and at first he was rather surprised, but then told me that I shouldn’t worry, since he and his twin could have conversations while they were asleep.

I can’t wait to hear what he says in his sleep around my birthday 😉