Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

Back to Basics

When I was newlywed, I used to take one day of the week to cook a gourmet meal. I would get the ingredients, measure everything, clean up as I went along, and make something fantabulous for the two of us.

Eldest was still on mashed peas and squash. She didn’t get to enjoy the spoils.

Once our family grew in size I placed that habit on hold, much to Hubby’s chagrin. Not many kids will appreciate Dover sole cooked in a white wine reduction, right? Well, I know mine didn’t. But now that they are nearing adulthood (ZOMG!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!??), I have been doing different dishes and getting back into the gourmet thing, slowly.

Of course, Little One is Miss Picky and she is still a problem. Son has a block against sauced things. Eldest will eat anything I serve her. She’s my favorite at mealtime. AT MEALTIME!!!

That last is for her benefit so that she doesn’t tell the other two that she has favorite child status for life, or something like that.

Anyway…. I noticed that a lot of the favorite meals growing up have been seriously absent from the repertoire. I mean, no mac and cheese, no Southern fried chicken, no comfort. So, I’m going back to the basics with this:

Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, because she is a far better photographer than I am.

Chicken Fried Steak, my peeps!! I miss it so. I add different seasonings to the flour, and tend to add a bit of half-sharp Hungarian paprika for a bit of a kick (the bottle says “half-sharp”, but it peeled the skin off the roof of my mouth once when I mistakenly used it for Chicken Paprikás. Hubby loved it, though). Tonight there will be steak, and mashed potatoes and lots and lots of gravy that I make from the pan.

But I shall have back-up gravy from a jar, just in case I screw that up 😀