I Feel Like Chekov in the “Wrath of Khan”, Only the Earworm Won’t Die

Oh, someone please take pity on my, and drive an icepick through my ear.

Kids and Hubby are upstairs playing Minecraft™ (what else, right??) and that stupid, insipid lullaby keeps playing and makes me want to stab innocent bystanders, as well as the pigeons. Only I wouldn’t mind stabbing the pigeons. They are good in a stew. But this song has to stop before I take it out on the furniture, or the roast I’m making for tonight.

Oh, and look what I found for a Sithy.

Minecraft Vader!!! I want to kill the internet.

Hope y’all enjoy your Sunday!

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22 responses to “I Feel Like Chekov in the “Wrath of Khan”, Only the Earworm Won’t Die

  • daveintexas

    HAH! When eldest baby girl was 2, we took a road trip back home to Alabama. One of my sisters gave my girl a little plastic toy, that played a digital “The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow” digital nightmare.

    Over and over and over again. Babygirl kept pressing the button.

    10. Hours. Of. Hell.

    Funny, now it just makes me miss that little 2 year old kid.

  • pepelp2

    Hey Aggie, have you seen these?


    Saw them on a car the other day and thought of you.

  • RabidAlien

    Two words (well….one really isn’t a “word”, but you get the idea): “mp3” and “Player”.

    One can also get their Sithy on and Gorilla Glue the volume controls on their speakers so that sounds cannot be heard two feet (or less!) away from the speakers. Just make sure you crank the PC volume full-blast before adjusting the speakers, to get the desired maximum volume possible. ‘Course, you didn’t hear nuttin from me….

    Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out Darths And Droids. Its the entire Star Wars series (including a couple of deleted scenes) done as a role-playing game. Read the DM’s comments at the end of each one, too…those are hilarious, especially if you’ve ever put pencil to paper and let loose the dice of war!

  • xbradtc

    You think YOU have an earworm?

    I’ve got “Call Me, Maybe” stuck in my noggin’.

  • Lemur King

    It could be worse… at least you aren’t sick with a bug or something on top of all that, right?

    ((Humming “Don’t worry, be happy))

    Now I’m thinking of Bea Arthur in “Maude” when she says “God will get you for that” for some reason.

    Seriously, I do understand. Our boy has echolallia as a side-dish to the autism thing and at least once a day I holler “DAMMIT HACKER-BOY WILL YOU **STOP** HUMMING THAT?!?”

    “Oh, sorry dad.”

    And then he hums it again immediately. I guess tuneless game music humming that he does is harmless enough but imitating cat yowls or funny household accidents… (sigh) But again, it could be worse. He could be a mean fruitcake instead of a kind-hearted little fruitcake.

  • RoundHammer117

    Remember what I wrote earlier about taking pick axes to block . . . heads, Ms.Aggie.

    Hey! This is NOT The Future I ordered!™

    My definition of a warning shot is everyone freaking out at the sight of the of their instigating buddy hitting the ground with free air conditioning to the cranial vault . . .

    I am sure you could improvise with a squirt gun . . . NOT a marshmallow launcher . . . they might like that.

    Not me . . . I hate marshmallows . . .

    Aww, nuts . . . just compromised myself with OpSec . . .

    Unless I pulled a Captain Jack Sparrow . . .

    “Well, then, I confess! It is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out.”

    Here now, I said no lies!

    -I think he’s telling the truth.

    If he were telling the truth, he wouldn’t have told US.

    “Unless, of course, he knew you wouldn’t believe the truth even if he told it to you . . .”

    • RoundHammer117

      Why is the rum always gone . . .?

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I ♥ that part 😀

      And what do you have against marshmallows??

      • RoundHammer117

        I can SMELL my teeth rotting when in the same room as Artificially-Super-Insane-Hyper-Sweetened-Num-Nums™ . . .

        I cannot eat foodstuffs without form, like Jello, eggs, pudding, flan, grits, et al, as they trigger the gag reflex.

        Also, I have no cavities or fillings, all my original teeth, including wisdom molars and intend to keep it that way.

        So it is good hickory smoked jerky for me!

        Or pretzels. I became a Hopeless Salt-Fiend™ during the war, chewing jerky in place of tobacco out there.

        I do enjoy fruit, and I am smart enough to know I need the vitamins and minerals . . . even with brain injury . . .

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