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Tiny Bubbles

Sometimes the best laid plans go off without a single hitch.

Take a few nights ago. As y’all know, I do enjoy taking bubblebaths. They are my escape, and for those few hours 40 minutes, I can enjoy some trashy novel or write in my journal, or just vegetate without being interrupted by someone wanting to know if they can have a snack, even though they had dinner less than an hour ago. But usually someone needs to find something, or someone calls for me, or someone sends a text that must be answered as soon as possible…. something always happens.

But not this time!!

I took care of the dogs, so they wouldn’t need to go outside. I turned off the phone, since in a real emergency they would call the land line anyway. I cleaned up the kitchen and told the kids that if they were hungry, they were on their own and not to ask me for anything, and I left Hubby nicely comfy upstairs playing a videogame. Then I poured a glass of wine, grabbed a trashy book, and proceeded to my garden tub, whereupon I ran the hot water in the scalding range (because if you don’t sweat in the bubblebath, you are doing it wrong), poured half a bottle of bubble stuff, and submerged myself in the lava-hot goodness. One advantage to being short is that I can relax myself enough to feel like I’m floating while almost completely submerged. It’s like a sensory deprivation tank, without the drawbacks. It was so relaxing, I totally forgot about my trashy book.

I didn’t forget about the wine, though. Next time, I may just bring the bottle 😉

Food for the Soul

And for the gullet! Sometimes we take for granted food that makes us feel good, the Comfort Foods™ from our childhood. I have to admit, eating certain foods does give me a serenity that has nothing to do with a happy tummy. The truth is, they bring back nice memories, and that makes me enjoy them more. Like drinking coffee in the afternoon. I remember my grandmother laying out the china (we each had our own pattern), slicing the bread, the cheese, and putting out the jars of jam and butter, and making us feel like grown-ups for partaking at a very young age. She even taught us to put our pinkies out! She was a stickler for manners, and that has saved my derriere on occasion.

So here are some of my favorites. Don’t judge me.

#5– Beef Stew

I don’t care if we are having a 113* Fahrenheit heat wave here. I will make beef stew in the summer, and eat it while it’s still bubbly hot. And yes, I make mine with dry red wine, and serve it with crusty bread.

#4– Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Chicken and broccoli, covered in a thick cream with onions and topped with cheddar cheese. That sound you heard was my arteries cringing.

#3– Meatloaf

My sister is a great cook, but even she admits my meatloaf is way better than hers. When your brother-in-law asks for it for his birthday, you know it’s good!

#2– Grilled Cheese

One word: ZOMG!! Who doesn’t get comfort out of eating such gooey goodness??

And last, but not least:

#1– Anything with Bacon

Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m sure y’all have your favorites, too. And I’m sure my #1 is a favorite with all 😉

And a hat tip to my friend, Blutarskyy, for the inspiration!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Y’all may not get the hype Moms do, but you deserve that and much more!!!

Still, it doesn’t mean I can’t poke fun 😉

Hope y’all have a wonderful day, and make sure to treat the dads like the Sith Emperors they wish to be!!

It’s 1985 in My House….

No, I’m not kidding.

The other day, I was going through Little One’s closet, and found leg warmers. Surprised, I asked her where she got them, and she told me they were her friend’s.

Me: So, y’all wear them for twirling practice?

LO: Oh no, it’s for fun.

Me: I bet your legs get all sweaty.

LO: (puzzled) Why? They go on the arms.

Me: …..

And Eldest? One of her favorite T-shirts is her vintage AC/DC one. I admit, I am partial to it as well, but it feels like there’s a crack in the fabric of the Universe to have your kid like one of your favorite rock bands from your teen years. I think I got five more grey hairs from that.

However, the ultimate proof of my lapse in the Time Machine?

Courtesy of Superb Wallpapers


With the super 12,825-bit games the kids have in their library, so realistic that blood, sweat, and tears travel in rivulets down the thickly-veined arms of the enemy, it comes down to wanting to spend hours on an 8-bit looking game building a house?? REALLY??? This from the same kids that laughed at the Dire Straits’ Money for Nothin’ video not three weeks ago??

I have to admit, I don’t see the attraction, but then again, I don’t play videogames. But it’s a bit freaky to have your husband chomping on the bit to go bump the kids off so he can have his turn. Or have him wake up at o-light-thirty on a Saturday to go play it. Yes, he is playing it as I type. And woke up the kids to help him out with creepers or some such thing.

Anyway, time for me to get my day started. I better go find my Valley Girl soundtrack and get my Wayfarers on, baby! 😉

The Lightness of Being

I love tragic love stories, and love foreign films and books. Several years ago, I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and found it to be a very deep, slightly disturbing book, brilliantly written. I followed it with the film, which was good but in my opinion, very loosely based, and as always disappointing compared to the book. But it had Daniel Day-Lewis, so WIN!!

For years, the message of the book disturbed me, because as often as I would re-read it, I just couldn’t grasp it. I’m not a concrete thinker by any stretch, but this was beyond my scope, even at the tender age of 21. Ok, perhaps because I was so young, then. In any case, it took me several years, and one epiphany, but I finally got the message. That concept of the “lightness of being” finally clicked.

And I know I can never feel it. And that’s a good thing. The lightness refers to being carefree, thinking only of the immediate, the “now”, whatever will make you happy and satisfied for YOU. Doing what I have to do, FOR ME, is never an option. I can never give in to the child-like selfishness, because I would then be forsaking those closest to me. Don’t get me wrong: I do small things for myself, like the bubblebath ritual and attending Wine Night with my friends. But I never let those things take precedence over anyone. I can’t. It goes against the very fiber of my being to do so. And in retrospect, I never understood it because I never have felt the need to feel the lightness, such as it is.

You may ask if I need to feel it now that I understand it. The answer is no, I don’t. I’m just glad I FINALLY figured out that little enigma from my youth, and can now shelve the book without a backward glance.

The movie, however, is still nice eye candy 😉

Happy 237th Birthday, U.S. Army!!

On this day, in 1775, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress appealed to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia to assume authority for the New England army, because as we all know, THE BRITISH WERE COMING!!! (I hope my friend Katie has a good laugh!) So, allegedly at the behest of John Adams, Congress voted to take the NE Army and conscript it for use in all colonies (though no written record exists for that vote). However, they did vote to “to bring in a draft of rules and regulations for the government of the Army,” thus, the birth of our U. S. Army.

Being an Army wife, I am partial to this military birthday, for it is two-fold.

Today is also Flag Day!! On this day, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution of 1777, which officially adopted the flag of our new found country.

When I arrived in Texas, it was the summer of 1976. Everything was red, white, and blue, and I thought this was the most color-coordinated country in the world. My dad explained that we were celebrating a very important birthday, and so began my love affair with History.

Long may she wave!!!

Crossposted everywhere I’m at 😉

It’s Wednesday, and I Have No Idea What to Write

I woke up from a bad dream where I was drowning, and looking up through the water to the surface, and thought, “Wow, the light filters so nicely.” Even in nightmares I am distracted by SHINY!!

Sometimes shiny isn’t pretty. Sometimes you see the shiny and you start hearing “DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!” Like when you go to the store to put a pair of shoes on hold for a friend, and find out that the World Trollbeads are being released in the US for only two weeks.


But alas, sometimes shiny is not to be. So for now, I’ll content myself with the shiny I see around me. Remember, even broken glass has a shiny beauty of its own 😉

Findings and Inspiration

A few…. holy cow…. almost a year ago now, I bought two small curio cabinets with the intention of doing something creative. And then something shiny happened and forgot completely about them. I left them in their bag and placed them under the desk for future use, only something always came up for me to do instead.

That’s the curio cabinet in it’s natural state. It has possibilities!! All the little boxes got me thinking about all the little findings I have to fit inside them, each box telling a little story of its own. I kept thinking of what tableaux I could make in each section, the Steampunk screaming at me to go in that direction, but the romantic in me also prodding me to do something a bit more feminine. So far, this is what I have.

Yes, the bottle of poison has charms that say “4” and “Life”. I’m a sick person, I admit it!! But the juxtaposition was too delish to pass up. I keep lightbulbs, washers, nuts and bolts, any keys I find, wire, even screen mesh for use in my altered stuff. I can’t really call it art, though it is artistic. I do know one thing, though. I won’t end up owning it. I seldom keep the stuff I make. I can count on one hand what I have kept for myself!! But the joy is in making it, and in the giving. I just hope it finds a loving home.

But for now, I have to go scour the local hardware store for more findings. You can never have enough copper fittings 😀

Monday Random

That’s basically my excuse for not having a coherent post.

Son left for his ROTC Leadership training today, so the house is very quiet. Not because he is a loud kid, though his voice is deep and does carry. No, the house is quiet because there are no explosions, or gunshots, or aircraft, or HUT HUT HUT, or anything remotely resembling warfare coming from the game console upstairs.

Eldest went in with her dad to work today. That usually means she will either A) do grossing* in the Lab, 2) assist in an autopsy, or iii) begin learning phlebotomy.  I’m thinking it will be #2. Last time she assisted at an autopsy, she ended up teaching the resident how to gross a specimen.

Little One has once again commandeered the remote control to the family TV. Her choice of venue this morning? Game Show Network, while she waits for The Alfred Hitchcock Marathon. She hopes to see The Birds while I clean the bathroom. She knows I do NOT wish to see that film ever again, and has kindly told me when it will be on, so I can avoid it. She can be very considerate in that regard. Sometimes.

As for me, after the gutting of the kids’ bathroom, I shall be vacuuming my room and bath. I took the Wahl™ to both Hubby and Son’s heads, so there is hair everywhere.

Ok, I am not exactly innocent when it comes to hair strands all over the place. I do admit to shedding like a Pomeranian. But this time the fault is theirs.

Hope y’all have a great Monday, and don’t forget to every Monday, there is a Friday. No, I’m not sure what I mean by that, either 😉

* the study of tissue changes without magnification by a microscope. Basically you slice the tissue very thinly, apply a dye, and then look at the specimen. FUN!!!

4,000th Comment!!

Wow, I can’t believe that. This itty bitty blog has had 4,000 comments.

Yeah, ok…most are mine, because I talk a lot I wish to respond to everyone. Anyway, the honor goes to…

RABID ALIEN!! And with advice we should take to heart:

Two syllables: “Clay” and “More”. And always remember….”this side towards enemy”

This is where I would put up his avatar, but he doesn’t have one. However, if you wish to contemplate his visage, and that of his beautiful wife, click on the moniker. And if y’all want to talk about guns, The Lowry Place always welcomes it 🙂