All Good Things….

….must come to an end.

I try to stay away from politics at this blog. But today I just can’t. The Supreme Court has just ruled that it is constitutional to tax citizens for the privilege of breathing and living. Remember, healthcare isn’t free. Nothing is, not even our freedom, for that always comes with a very high price. A price some pay for others to ignore.

So long USA, and thanks for all the fish.

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18 responses to “All Good Things….

  • flyoverhere

    All of the blood and treasure that has been spent over the last 236 years for freedom has been wasted!

  • Tanille

    Cheers to the good times and prayers for the bad.

  • Lemur King

    There is always the hope of scrapping it but the only chance to do it is this next cycle. Maybe.

    I cannot see how ANY impartial judge could get past the constitutionality of it.

    This isn’t a matter of “fair” or “compassion” – it is a power grab that isn’t defensible that promises something we cannot afford.

    My daughter thinks it unfair that we cannot go buy every toy she wants, too. There’s no “fair” involved.

  • LC LtC

    It’s a defeat. Regroup, reassess, rearm and re-attack.

  • Anjin

    I have never run from anything, but I might be looking for a new country (place to live). The government CAN NOT force me to pay for anything. I’m as pissed off as I’ve ever been, and I have absolutely no confidence in the SCOTUS to make decisions for me.

    They just screwed us all. Small private businesses are screwed as well. I am so mad, I can barely type.

  • John D

    A beautiful illustration of why we need some regime change this November. Not only do we need to throw out Obamacare, we can’t take the chance that this guy will be appointing more Supreme Court justices. As it stands now, it appears that we have 5 justices who believe that there is no limit to the power of the federal government, provided that the laws are phrased properly.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    But apparently, the government ISN’T making you pay for anything. They are only TAXING you now.

    The largest tax hike in HISTORY!!!

    And the democrats own it all.

  • (@bradenmikaelcom)

    To all of the liberals who wanted Obamacare: You wanted it. You got it. Don’t whine, bitch, and complain when you have to wait for months in order to get that medical procedure you may require one day. In fact, don’t say a word when the very thing you wanted fucks you over.

    Also, if you think government regulations are bad now, just you wait. You all haven’t seen anything yet. Obamacare may not like the fact that it has to pay for your healthcare because you eat too much BBQ, drink too much beer, and smoke too many cigars. See where I’m heading with this? You heard it here first. Just wanted to get that out of the way. 🙂

  • katiepede

    Bugger, I am sorry dude……. xx

  • OneWeekToCrazy

    I’m so glad you posted on this! I’ve been scouring the interent all day to read people’s reactions! Cheers!

  • GuyS

    Mark my words, this will eventually end in blood…or not…the Constitution is well and truly dead. The body politic comprised of both parties, and a few other select “hanger-ons”, is so corrupt and decrepit as to be beyond any reasonable hope of repair.

    The America I grew up with, and learned about in school, and read about in various tomes, journals, and publications, is dead.

    May the good Lord have mercy on us for what has been allowed to happen…because our government won’t.

  • RoundHammer117

    Fellow readers, it is a pyrrhic victory for the obama regime.

    Up until this point, the argument was that obamacare had never been a tax, but a “lawful” execution of the Commerce Clause. While Justice Roberts did not rule the way we were hoping, he has given We the People a powerful weapon: the truth about obamacare.

    Justice Roberts has correctly identified it as a punitive tax.

    The largest tax in the history of the Republic. That will sink in with even the thickest skulls, eventually. We just have to keep reminding them.

    The obama regime, while promising the moon to every Tom, Dick and Harry, stated emphatically that no taxes would be levied on anyone “[M]aking less than two-hundred, fifty thousand dollars”. He has be shown to be a foolhardy, arrogant, petulant liar and petty-minded thief with his “spread[ing] the wealth around is a good thing” argument and insipid obsession with “millionaires and billionaires” who “refuse to pay their fair share”, excluding himself and cronies, of course.

    Nazi collaborator and convicted felon george soros, especially.

    To say nothing of his communist and islamist upbringing.

    To say nothing of his declaration of amnesty for illegal aliens.

    To say nothing of his illegal military actions libya, sudan, syria and abject refusal to identify the real enemy we are fighting. Purging all US Military and Law Enforcement memorandum of the terms associated with “muslim” and “terrorist”. Allowing the increase of immigration of middle eastern nationals without scrutiny, so that Dearborn, Michigan is now “Dear-bornistan” among other places.

    Declaring the act of TREASON at Fort Hood by a man political correctness allowed to remain in the US Army, who always identified himself as a PALESTINIAN to be “workplace violence” and the repeated attacks at home on US Citizens and Service Members to be “isolated incidents.” Shielding eric holder from providing evidence of an orchestrated plot of sedition, treason and a covert act of WAR against mexico with fast and furious.

    We know the polls stating his favorability are fabricated by the media, we know the media is now out in the open as obama’s Pravda.

    Just like 2010, we have to keep the pressure upon the socialists in office and those parasites who support them.

    We need to get on our elected officials – even if they are on the side of The Constitution – and warn them that they have angered the American people.

    And we also need to remember that those we face – who are American in name ONLY and are NOT our Countrymen – want us just as dead or subjugated as do the jihadis. They just lack the stomach and testicular fortitude required to commit the necessary violence themselves.

    They are also fooling themselves if they think if it comes to violence, we will not act. The US Military and Law Enforcement will not side with them, they will not obey orders that are unconstitutional, yet this just shows the mass delusion these idiots live under.

    “We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.” – RM Rilke

      • RoundHammer117

        Thank you. We MUST resolve this crisis with the ballot box, NOT the cartridge box.

        But we MUST also keep the cartridge box loaded and ready . . . and make certain they who are Americans in name only KNOW it is loaded and ready.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    I have been reading, and listening, and frankly it still escapes me.

    But I still have Hope. No matter that the administration keeps trying to take it away from me.

    • RoundHammer117

      Keep that hope, also keep that machete razor sharp, Ms.Aggie . . .

      As there is thirsty work ahead for all Patriots . . .

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