The Things I Learn

You know those commercials of idyllic life? Where the mom has an impeccably clean home, and beautifully furnished, and her son brings home his friends, and she has a beautiful platter of food for the strapping youngsters rabidly starving after being outside?

That’s not me, ever.

The ROTC kids like to come over after practice twice a week, and they like to take over the kitchen. Drinks, food, snacks, pretty much everything is open season. And the conversations are hilarious. I had no idea a burger could become petrified in the floorboard of a Toyota. I also didn’t know that you can slide into said Toyota like you are a Hazzard Duke with the General Lee. Not because it’s cool, but because the locks are broken.

Like this, but with only two legs.

And right now, they are playing Rockbandβ„’ while my ceiling shakes and my eardrums wince.

It’s kinda cool being the hip mom, though. Even if I do wear glasses and yell at them to get off my lawn πŸ˜‰

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