Food for the Soul

And for the gullet! Sometimes we take for granted food that makes us feel good, the Comfort Foods™ from our childhood. I have to admit, eating certain foods does give me a serenity that has nothing to do with a happy tummy. The truth is, they bring back nice memories, and that makes me enjoy them more. Like drinking coffee in the afternoon. I remember my grandmother laying out the china (we each had our own pattern), slicing the bread, the cheese, and putting out the jars of jam and butter, and making us feel like grown-ups for partaking at a very young age. She even taught us to put our pinkies out! She was a stickler for manners, and that has saved my derriere on occasion.

So here are some of my favorites. Don’t judge me.

#5– Beef Stew

I don’t care if we are having a 113* Fahrenheit heat wave here. I will make beef stew in the summer, and eat it while it’s still bubbly hot. And yes, I make mine with dry red wine, and serve it with crusty bread.

#4– Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Chicken and broccoli, covered in a thick cream with onions and topped with cheddar cheese. That sound you heard was my arteries cringing.

#3– Meatloaf

My sister is a great cook, but even she admits my meatloaf is way better than hers. When your brother-in-law asks for it for his birthday, you know it’s good!

#2– Grilled Cheese

One word: ZOMG!! Who doesn’t get comfort out of eating such gooey goodness??

And last, but not least:

#1– Anything with Bacon

Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m sure y’all have your favorites, too. And I’m sure my #1 is a favorite with all 😉

And a hat tip to my friend, Blutarskyy, for the inspiration!

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32 responses to “Food for the Soul

  • John DuMond

    Wow, a list of comfort foods with no ice cream? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say!

  • Ken Rogers

    Although your number 2 is correct, its only half so. You need tomato soup along side. 🙂

  • RoboMonkey

    What happened to Copious Gasser?

  • BmanIII

    Boiled Peanuts !!!

  • xbradtc

    Mac and cheese. Preferably with a hot dog cut up in it.

  • Guy S

    Mac and cheese, Grilled Cheese sammaches, (with the tomato soup of course), and one of my personal favorites (made by hand every batch is just a bit different from the last) Beans and weenies!

  • krow8803


    Bless you srxy zombie killing lady!

  • flyoverhere

    I love my comfort food! Now I can’t eat stew in summer but love it in cold weather. Of course bacon anytime with anything or by itself! One of my favorite meals is meatloaf, fresh black-eyed peas with lots of snaps, fresh summer squash steamed with butter and jalapeños, fried okra, sliced fresh cantaloupe, sliced fresh tomatoes and onions and apricot cobbler for desert!

  • The Real Dave

    +1 on the meatloaf. And I daresay I can make a pretty good one, too.

    Spaghetti in just about any form or incarnation makes my list. A pot of savory chili and cornbread does too.

  • katiepede

    * A big bowl of noodle soup, pref with huge prawns and lots of veg…
    * My mum’s lamb stew and dumplings (with extra dumplings)
    * Roast beef and yorkshire puddings
    * Thai green curry
    * A good old English Breakfast with BACON (and also I discovered recently that haggis makes a delighful addition to this meal… if you don’t think about what’s really in it)! 😀 xx

  • RoundHammer117

    Number 23 – Chicken with Cavatelli.

    For me, that is the best MRE ever.

    First favorite used to be Number 18 – Turkey with Potatoes . . . but they replaced it with a damn vegetarian burrito . . .

    And they KEEP Number 22 – jambalaya, the MOST disgusting Murray entree EVER . . . vintage K Rations from 1944 are better. NOBODY likes it, NOBODY eats 22 unless it is for the purposes corrective training.

    NOBODY wants it, yet 22 will NEVER DIE.

    If you get lucky, you hand it off to an EPW, after taking the desserts! The look on their face when they take the first mouthful . . . we were laughing for days.

    Someone please tell me how many hippie-vegetarian-mexican-cajuns there are in the US Army that they so many frakkin’ entrees just for them?!

    John Wayne would be knocking heads together over this and punch that pretentious “most interesting man in the world” right in the jaw . . . I admit, I do not know what he has to do with it . . . just on princible . . .

    Turkey with Potatoes was great . . . frakkin’ hippie vegetarians . . . because of them, most Murrays really are Masticatables Rejected by Ethiopians . . .

    Want to set them on fire . . .

    But the smell of burning hippie . . .? My nose is not that brave . . . and it has smelled a LOT of unpleasantness . . .

    Sorry, I get upset when I think about my comfort food being taken away . . . Ms.Aggie, can you recommend a really good hickory-smoked beef jerky? They only have that jack links and oberto crap around here since Pemmican went out of business . . .

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I’m no fan of Cajun food. I think it tastes like dirt.

      The John Wayne line was priceless, though!

      As to the beef jerky, all I can say is, make your own? The only one I like we actually get at the gun shows. My BIL makes some with a dehydrator and his own mix of whatever voodoo he prefers 😉

  • The Queen

    Put a slice of tomato and some bacon in the grilled cheese- add tomato soup- ahhhh!
    A favorite at our house (when Buttercup still ate meat) meatloaf, mashed potatoes, applesauce and peas.
    We all are very happy with a big pan of cheese lasagne!

  • Elizabeth

    Chicken n’ Dumplins and Biscuits n’ Gravy

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