Happy Father’s Day!!

Y’all may not get the hype Moms do, but you deserve that and much more!!!

Still, it doesn’t mean I can’t poke fun 😉

Hope y’all have a wonderful day, and make sure to treat the dads like the Sith Emperors they wish to be!!

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8 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!!

  • RabidAlien

    No fair…NO FRIKKIN FAIR!!! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to not bust out laughing in the middle of church, when this comes clomping across my cellphone???? That’s just mean!!!!

    (but frikkin hilarious, though!)

  • Guy S

    How else will RA get the sports updates? And a Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Aggie!!

      • RabidAlien

        Heh. If you know me, you’ll know I know less than zero about “sports” (and usually even have to spellcheck the word to make sure I spelled it right). I leave it on for 1) laziness and b) working in the sound-booth, so I can see emails from my wife regarding whether she and the offspring are going to make it on time or not. I do turn the sound off, though…had it go off once during the sermon, with a Bon Jovi ringtone. Heh. At least “Livin’ on a Prayer” is sorta appropriate!

  • LC LtC

    In “Return of the Munchkae,” the Two Princesses lure Lord Daddy down from his hilly redoubt, with promise of a feast of fried chicken livers.

    He fell for it, and there was much rejoicing.

    I hope the rest of you guys have as nice a day.

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