The Lightness of Being

I love tragic love stories, and love foreign films and books. Several years ago, I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and found it to be a very deep, slightly disturbing book, brilliantly written. I followed it with the film, which was good but in my opinion, very loosely based, and as always disappointing compared to the book. But it had Daniel Day-Lewis, so WIN!!

For years, the message of the book disturbed me, because as often as I would re-read it, I just couldn’t grasp it. I’m not a concrete thinker by any stretch, but this was beyond my scope, even at the tender age of 21. Ok, perhaps because I was so young, then. In any case, it took me several years, and one epiphany, but I finally got the message. That concept of the “lightness of being” finally clicked.

And I know I can never feel it. And that’s a good thing. The lightness refers to being carefree, thinking only of the immediate, the “now”, whatever will make you happy and satisfied for YOU. Doing what I have to do, FOR ME, is never an option. I can never give in to the child-like selfishness, because I would then be forsaking those closest to me. Don’t get me wrong: I do small things for myself, like the bubblebath ritual and attending Wine Night with my friends. But I never let those things take precedence over anyone. I can’t. It goes against the very fiber of my being to do so. And in retrospect, I never understood it because I never have felt the need to feel the lightness, such as it is.

You may ask if I need to feel it now that I understand it. The answer is no, I don’t. I’m just glad I FINALLY figured out that little enigma from my youth, and can now shelve the book without a backward glance.

The movie, however, is still nice eye candy 😉

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14 responses to “The Lightness of Being

  • RabidAlien

    I understand where you’re comin from, I’m in the same boat. This summary of the book, however, neatly encapsulates a good portion of what is wrong with the world today. That “me” attitude gave us road-rage, Occutards, and massive debt. I fear for the future.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      The odd thing is that the setting of the book is during the Communist occupation of Prague, so the whole “me” thing works.

      But here today? That mentality is destructive.

  • krow8803

    i concur with clintbird, and add, the beat poets do the same for me, Ramblin jack and Dean moriarty are some of my heroes

  • RoundHammer117

    I do not believe I have a “Me-Me-Me” attitude, Ms.Aggie . . . at least I hope not, beyond personal survival and mental health . . .

    But I am not a Sheepdog, either. Sheepdogs love the sheep, regularly sacrifice personal happiness, dreams and family for them and would lay down their lives in a heartbeat for the flock.

    In expression of their deepest appreciation, the sheep HATE the sheepdog.

    That is something I learned to reject outright.

    I learned to hate the enemy. I learned to hate the sheep of this country, because it is what they both taught me.

    I can at least grant a grudging, miminal respect towards the enemy, they had spine enough to take up arms and try to kill me.

    I have had sheep bleat in my face – while in uniform – about war for oil, bush-hitler-chaney-halliburton, but show they have no spine. The closest it came was where one Real Deal Hipster™ – the deluxe model: equipped with goatee, beatnik glasses, ear-hoops, watchcap over beiberhair™, skinny jeans, blazer AND keffiyeh Made in China™ – actually wanted to spit on me when I asked if he even understood what he railed against or was he just his Professor’s Meat Puppet™.

    Until I directed his attention to the very sharp knife in my hand.

    I would have taken his haji neck rag as a scalp the same as I did with an RPG gunner overseas . . . that one has blood on it.

    As a Veteran, I have learned to hate new york.

    Irish Wolfhounds love to hunt and kill wolves.

    They give not one damn about the sheep.

    Though I respect them, I refuse to be a Sheepdog, but I learned to love hunting and kiling wolves. Though wolf is too noble and respectful a term for this enemy. Jackels, mongrels, curs, vermin, et al, are more fitting.

    I miss it.


    • RabidAlien

      Hmmmm…maybe if the Irish Wolfhound viewed the “wolves” the slinking, smelly cowardly hyenas, instead? Being an outdoorsey type myself (until I got domesticated married), I’ve always had the utmost respect for wolves. Studying a wolf-pack, one can find so very many ways to improve oneself. Hyenas, on the other hand, are despicable. So much like your Hipster.

      • RoundHammer117

        That boy looked like he walked out of a hollywood soundstage wardrobe and makeup trailer on his way to an snl sketch for an apple iphone spoof commercial . . . but snl ceased being funny once adam sandler, will ferrell, and chris kattan showed up . . . all of whom never met a joke they have not gleefully raped and murdered, screaming and making contorted faces all the way.

        No more Wayne’s World?! Bail out! Bail out! Bail out!

        He got himself all self-rightously flustered throwing words at me . . . but I was crossing the street returning to the Sixty-Ninth Battalion in mid-town manhattan from a sandwich run and did not realize he was talking to me at first.

        I have an Audie Murphy face and a lean build, so I reckon that was why he thought he could get snippy with me.

        Yet he ran away once I showed him how serious I was. Like letting those three guidos live, my life is nothing but filled with regret.

        • LC Aggie Sith

          Do not confuse the common sheep for the jackals, RH. Jackals tend to use wool for clothing, and bleat overmuch and loudly. See, those who confuse and complain and accuse give the game away, for sheep tend to be really, really oblivious 😉

        • RoundHammer117

          “Some people are alive only because it is illegal to kill them.”

          “I walked into a room full of guns . . . strange . . . not a SINGLE one of them tried to kill me. Ever. Later, I walked into a room full of liberals . . . EVERY single one of them wanted to tell me how to live and take away all of my rights. Always . . .

          But I am the one with the room full of guns . . .”

          “Liberals think conservatives are absolute evil . . .

          Well then, they better start behaving themselves before we decide to show them they are right . . .”

          I like puppies and kittens and the sound of children at play.

  • Laura

    I loathe romance stories. Unless they have zombies or vampires or George Clooney in them. The ultimate would be if George were to play a zombie vampire and he ate his love interest’s brain out of her head after a hot sex scene. Yeah.

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