Happy 237th Birthday, U.S. Army!!

On this day, in 1775, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress appealed to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia to assume authority for the New England army, because as we all know, THE BRITISH WERE COMING!!! (I hope my friend Katie has a good laugh!) So, allegedly at the behest of John Adams, Congress voted to take the NE Army and conscript it for use in all colonies (though no written record exists for that vote). However, they did vote to “to bring in a draft of rules and regulations for the government of the Army,” thus, the birth of our U. S. Army.

Being an Army wife, I am partial to this military birthday, for it is two-fold.

Today is also Flag Day!! On this day, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution of 1777, which officially adopted the flag of our new found country.

When I arrived in Texas, it was the summer of 1976. Everything was red, white, and blue, and I thought this was the most color-coordinated country in the world. My dad explained that we were celebrating a very important birthday, and so began my love affair with History.

Long may she wave!!!

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20 responses to “Happy 237th Birthday, U.S. Army!!

  • flyoverhere

    The Pledge and the National Anthem always bring tears to my eyes! I love the land. My Dad joined the ARMY on Dec 8, 1941!

  • LC LtC

    My response posted Elsewhere You At, in respect for your quiet little world here.

    My Dad also join the Army (Air Corp) early in WWII, and I got my commission as an infantry platoon leader.

    My respect is real, if stated irreverently. 😉

  • RabidAlien

    Awesomeness! Up until a series of high-wind thunderstorms about a month or so ago, I used to give directions to my house as “we’re the only house on the street flying an American flag”. Rain or shine, day or night…my theory was that if we had troops defending our country somewhere, I’d fly the flag. Well…came home after one of those thunderstorms, only to find the flag (and pole, oddly enough) laying in the middle of the yard. I don’t suspect foul-play, just a loose screw (literally) holding the flagpole into the holder. I haven’t had the opportunity (read: funds) yet to replace the flag, and need to get out in the garage with Mrs.Alien to properly fold the flag and drop it off with the American Legion to be disposed of.

    National Anthem, “God Bless the USA” (Lee Greenwood), and various other patriotic songs usually give me chills and goosebumps and set the little hairs on the back of my neck break-dancing. Sorry, I’m just a stone-cold bass-turd who only cries watching the taxi-cab scene in “We Were Soldiers” (and equivalent scenes in other movies).

    • LC Aggie Sith

      Ours came down after a bad and freaky hailstorm that went through a few weeks ago. Hubby is planning on putting up another this weekend, and he and Son will properly dispose of our flag.

      That always makes me cry…

  • katiepede

    Well I never! Bloomin cheek! (te he he)!…. Well us Brits loved a good invasion back then…. We just loved the British Empire…… (it’s a little scary when I look back at it)…. I found this lovely picture of an old stamp just for you…


    Anyway, Happy Birthday U.S. Army, I am glad we’re all friends now…..

    Where does the President keep his Armies?

    Up his sleevies! 😀

  • RoundHammer117

    I was a little late to the fray, Ms.Aggie . . .

    Graduated college, enlisted 18SEP2000

    The war I was looking for found me on the second day of Tower Week at Jump School.

    Glad to count British Soldiers and Royal Marines as friends.

    The french . . .? Not so much . . .

    • LC Aggie Sith

      At least the French have cheese, RoundHammer.

      And the whine to go with it 😉

      • RoundHammer117

        You call camembert cheese . . .?!

        For SHAME, Ms.Aggie!

        It is so runny the Germans shot it in the back outside of paris in 1939, having mistaken it for a retreating french soldier . . .

        It recovered from its wounds and lived a life of self-loathing, publically-funded performance art and recrimination, only to be incompetently eaten in 1972 by a mischievous cat in the equally incompetent Mr.Wensleydale’s Ye’ National Cheese Emporium.

        Resulting in John Cleese shooting the aforementioned incompetent Mr.Wensleydale in the face . . .

  • Anjin

    Long may she wave, indeed!!!

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