Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

Monday Random

That’s basically my excuse for not having a coherent post.

Son left for his ROTC Leadership training today, so the house is very quiet. Not because he is a loud kid, though his voice is deep and does carry. No, the house is quiet because there are no explosions, or gunshots, or aircraft, or HUT HUT HUT, or anything remotely resembling warfare coming from the game console upstairs.

Eldest went in with her dad to work today. That usually means she will either A) do grossing* in the Lab, 2) assist in an autopsy, or iii) begin learning phlebotomy.  I’m thinking it will be #2. Last time she assisted at an autopsy, she ended up teaching the resident how to gross a specimen.

Little One has once again commandeered the remote control to the family TV. Her choice of venue this morning? Game Show Network, while she waits for The Alfred Hitchcock Marathon. She hopes to see The Birds while I clean the bathroom. She knows I do NOT wish to see that film ever again, and has kindly told me when it will be on, so I can avoid it. She can be very considerate in that regard. Sometimes.

As for me, after the gutting of the kids’ bathroom, I shall be vacuuming my room and bath. I took the Wahl™ to both Hubby and Son’s heads, so there is hair everywhere.

Ok, I am not exactly innocent when it comes to hair strands all over the place. I do admit to shedding like a Pomeranian. But this time the fault is theirs.

Hope y’all have a great Monday, and don’t forget to every Monday, there is a Friday. No, I’m not sure what I mean by that, either 😉

* the study of tissue changes without magnification by a microscope. Basically you slice the tissue very thinly, apply a dye, and then look at the specimen. FUN!!!