I Slept In

And I liked it!

It didn’t do anything for my beauty, but at least I got plenty of sleep for a change. Oh, I did get up around 7:00 AM to tend to the Sheltie, but I made fast tracks back to bed when she was done. The whole house was still and I was going to take advantage of that. So seeing as it is Sunday, and too late for doughnuts, have a Sithy.

What?? It’s Sunday, time to relax, and it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!

Courtesy of ArmedGeek (sometimes NSFW….ok, most of the time) 😀


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10 responses to “I Slept In

  • LC LtC

    Life is hard. It’s harder if you lack sleep or hydration!

  • roundhammer117

    But I thought when he was known as anakin, he was a whiney, self-absorbed, pansy, sulking, pouty, crybaby who alienated everyone, especially those trusting, welcoming . . . ultimately gullible people beyond The Fourth Wall . . .

    “An’ I killed all da’ sandpeople wimmenz, and childrenz – sniff, sniff – and puppy dogz, and lolcatz – sob – an’ I flushed all their goldfish down the toiletz, and ripped up all their sunday coupons an’ comic stripz – snort – and poured all their breakfast cerealz on da’ floor and stepped on itz – honk – and urinated in all their houseplants – bawl – and set their couches on fire – whine – then pooped on it them, burned myself – owwie! – an’ then, then I told the cabana boy he wuz – snot – wuz – wheeze – wuz FI-YERD . . .! Oh, then I cut off his headz, tooz . . .”

    “I, the flat two-dimensional, somewhat less than desireable damsel in distress™, love you anakin, because The Plot™ wills me so.”

    “I luvz you tooz, panda-mayz, even though I’m gonna make you go Derp!™ laterz . . .”

    I learned of a response to these actions, Ma’am, here is an excerpt of the letter in question. On parchment with a wax seal, no less:

    ” . . . and while he may not be a sith lord, Madame Padme, Mister Johnny Walker is a gentleman whose honor has been insulted and willfully maligned. He demands and shall meet this ill-kept miscreant for a prompt discussion on manners as lessoned by the Marquis of Queensbury!

    With contempt and warranted malice,

    -signed, Mister Johnny Walker’s Second,

    Mister Peter Runner, Esquire

    PS – Damn you, Sir! Damn you! Captain Solo discharged his blasterarm in a preemptive manner! And the State Sonstabulary and Militia were armed with scatterguns and rifles, not solely equipped with wireless communicator devices whilst attempting to stop the confection enjoying botonist of extra terrestrial origin and rowdy boys on their bicycles from absconding.”

    I am not nearly as civil . . . you are DEAD to me lucas, for murdering my childhood. D-E-D, dead!

    And you have terrible taste in flannel!

  • RoundHammer117

    I thought that was broaching impropriety myself . . .

  • Anjin

    I’ve been known to do a little Black Label, but I’ve never had the Skywalker blend.

    • RoundHammer117

      I would not recommend it, the whiskey is thin-bodied, bitter, and will turn you whiney, pouty, moody and weak-bladdered until it is out of your system.

      I lost a bet . . .

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