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White Rabbit

Yes, I know. I’m late, I’m late!!!

Friends of ours are moving today for Washington, D.C., and we went over to say our goodbyes. Part of military life is uprooting and replanting. Another part is distributing potted plants and gardening tools, and what’s left in the fridge. Tonight we will dine on Kielbasa and spinach salad with feta!

Seriously, I’m late because I’m lazy. Lately it has been a bit problematic for me to find a topic. It may be writer’s block, or it may be that there is nothing going on, or maybe that everything funny to me, just sounds silly to y’all! The kids are fine, Hubby is fine, the dogs are fine, and the snakes are just there as usual, so I assume they are fine, too.

So, there you have it. I’m stuck in a rut. And all things being equal, I would rather be in Fiji.

Where would YOU rather be?? And don’t say “Philadelphia” 😉


Oh, it is. Trust me.

Today I am going to go pick up a friend’s niece so she can come over and hang out with my girls. That sounds fine so far, since they get to play video games and gossip. But that’s not all…

I’m taking them to the mall.


Yes, I’m still on a financial diet, and yes, I have been very, VERY good. But that’s not the worst part. No….taking three very excited girls in a vehicle and shepherding them is the worst part. I might as well fix myself a drink and have it waiting for my return. Maybe two drinks.

I’ll make a pitcher.

Pray for me!! 😉

All Good Things….

….must come to an end.

I try to stay away from politics at this blog. But today I just can’t. The Supreme Court has just ruled that it is constitutional to tax citizens for the privilege of breathing and living. Remember, healthcare isn’t free. Nothing is, not even our freedom, for that always comes with a very high price. A price some pay for others to ignore.

So long USA, and thanks for all the fish.

What Dreams May Cone

Last night was a very nice, very quiet evening. Little One spent the night at her friend’s, and the two older ones went with their ROTC posse to Sea World. I had the remote for almost 15 minutes before I figured out I could watch something besides a kids show. Don’t get me wrong. I gave the remote to Hubby, as is custom. He is Master of the Remote, but he never forgets I’m Mistress of the Domain, so it evens out.

Anyway, we watched a couple of movies, and afterwards I was feeling a bit of my sweet tooth yelling at me kindly reminding me of my ice cream still in the freezer. So, I went to get the ½ gallon tub, only to find that there were exactly two teaspoons left of my delicious goodness.

I blame my Son.

Still, it was two teaspoons, so I quickly ate it, and then got ready for bed. My first mistake was brushing my teeth with sensitive toothpaste. It made me gag at the combination of Love Potion 31 and medicinal paste. Trust me when I say it is ghastly, and the taste does NOT go away after rinsing for five minutes.

My second mistake was eating so little.

I have been having odd dreams lately, but last night was beyond odd. I dreamt I was at Baskin-Robbins™ and was being asked how many scoops I wanted on my cone. I looked around, and found that they only had one flavor, and it was plain. Not vanilla, but just plain. I asked where the other flavors were, and the gal behind the counter told me the other flavors were for Bingo night. So I asked when Bingo night was, and she said “Tequila”. And I asked her if that was a flavor, and she said no, it was the time. And I said that wasn’t a time, but she insisted, and then told me to pick a flavor from plain, and how many scoops. I told her, “Five, please,” and she said I would need a permit to eat it. So I asked where I could get a permit, and she said “Banana!”

And the alarm went off, saving me from killing someone in my dream.

So, the lesson here is, eat your fill of ice cream before going to bed, and you won’t have to go to banana for a permit to eat ice cream while waiting for tequila to start Bingo night. Something like that. I’m still not sure.

I do know that I shall be going out for ice cream later 🙂

The Things I Learn

You know those commercials of idyllic life? Where the mom has an impeccably clean home, and beautifully furnished, and her son brings home his friends, and she has a beautiful platter of food for the strapping youngsters rabidly starving after being outside?

That’s not me, ever.

The ROTC kids like to come over after practice twice a week, and they like to take over the kitchen. Drinks, food, snacks, pretty much everything is open season. And the conversations are hilarious. I had no idea a burger could become petrified in the floorboard of a Toyota. I also didn’t know that you can slide into said Toyota like you are a Hazzard Duke with the General Lee. Not because it’s cool, but because the locks are broken.

Like this, but with only two legs.

And right now, they are playing Rockband™ while my ceiling shakes and my eardrums wince.

It’s kinda cool being the hip mom, though. Even if I do wear glasses and yell at them to get off my lawn 😉

All in the Family

This weekend was like a whirlwind. We arrived a little late after dealing with hellacious traffic on the way up yonder East Texas. But better later than never. We had a great time catching up with relatives, and as always, enjoyed adding names to the HUGE genealogy chart.

The tragedy: I forgot to take the lemonade, and its additives.

Sometimes my mind is like a sieve. Especially when trying to get your eldest kid out the door on time.

So, I made do with Dr Pepper, and pie, and cookies, and more pie. Then Hubby’s cousins got the wonderful idea to go to the lake for a while. A bit of fishin’, a bit of tall tales, and a lot of family. Usually I tend to skip that part of the visit, mostly because my sisters-in-law tend to stay behind and that gives us a chance to visit, but this time none of them were able to make it, so I went to the lake with the kids and the cousins and one very big uncle. And then, my salvation:

You see that percentage number??? Yes, it took me an hour to drink one. ONE. HOUR. By then, my distaff cousins-in-law were well into their thirds. And thus, hilarity ensued.

All in all, it was a great weekend. We missed most of Hubby’s immediate family, but hopefully that will be remedied the following weekend.

Provided I don’t forget my lemonade again 😉

Saturday Sithy

Since I shall be spending my time at the family reunion this weekend, I figured I would post something Sithy.

It will help with keeping me sane.

All it needs is a shot of Bailey’s™ 😉

Have a great Saturday!!

I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear

I was looking through the closet, trying to put clothes aside to pack for the fifth ring of Hades the family reunion.

My jeans don’t fit.

My shirts are loose.

And let’s not go into the intimates.

Normally this would be an occasion to WHOOP and holler, but no. I don’t want to buy new clothes. I want to wear my old ones! Those are the ones I like! And the funny thing is, I gave all of my smaller clothing to my sister while she was here. And no, no backsies!

So, today I will be attempting to alter clothes in the vain hope that #1- they fit a bit better, and #2- I don’t screw up. All I know is, the drinks on Saturday will help me forget about uneven darts and hemlines 😉

Family Ties

This weekend we shall be travelling to Hubby’s family reunion. We always get excited about it, because so many people show up, and it’s always fun to catch up on news, as well as see the new additions and witness the many re-tellings of family histories.

It’s also the best time to wager who will wig out first. “Crazy” is a relative term in our family.

Every year, we are asked to bring something for consumption for the masses. Travelling for four hours makes it tricky, so I can never bring any hot foods. Most of the time I bring dessert, but so do most people coming in from out-of-town. So, this year I shall bring some of this, and some Solo© Cups.

I know it will be gone in 60 seconds.

But no worries. I will be designated driver, just so I can write down all the delish gossip for Sithy. There will be plenty, I’m sure. When you have Bible thumpers and Wiccans in the same venue, hilarity will ensue 😉

Apologies for Being Absent

Title says it all.

I was stuck at the hospital because Hubby’s car was in the shop, which meant I had to take him to work, which then meant waiting for him to do some stuff so he could leave early and take me home, but then the peeps asked for his help, and then a doc asked him to check a few slides, and then a meeting came up, which meant I was pretty much enjoying the view of the wall in his office most of the day, while attempting to connect to the internet because most everything on his computer is blocked, except for youtube and facebook, the first of which wouldn’t load because the internet was too slow, the second of which I couldn’t access because I was signed in on my laptop at home, where I was supposed to be cleaning.

Is that the best sentence today, or what??

Actually, I’m the most fascinating woman in my family, at least if that is to be believed 😉

Hope y’all had a great day!!