Lazy Afternoon

Well, the morning got away from me. I’ll get her back tomorrow, don’t y’all worry.

This is the last day of school for my kidlets. That means Purgatory for me, at least once Hubby returns to work. So far, there has only been one fight disagreement. Vast improvement over last year. But the day is still young.

Today is very overcast, and I hear the rumble of thunder. Hopefully it will rain enough to keep the lawn green for a few days. Otherwise I have to go out and hand-water while providing my legs for a mosquito smorgasbord.

I’m feeling a bit low, and think that perhaps-maybe I should get a doughnut.

*looks at the time*

*realizes all doughnuts shops are closed*

*shakes fist at Morning, cursing her bloody*

Ok, fine!!! Tomorrow I will get a doughnut. A JELLY ONE!!! 😀

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13 responses to “Lazy Afternoon

  • RabidAlien

    I always preferred the lemon-filled ones. That, or a cake doughnut. But YMMV.

    We had several nice thunderstorms roll through here last night/this morning. Problem is…I enjoy watching thunderstorms, and these all came through between 11pm and 5am. The munchkin also enjoys them, wanting to “go see ‘dunder’!” (she still thinks the flashes are the thunder). Not at 3am, kiddo. So sorry. Here’s some adult-strength Benadryl to help take your mind off the disappointment…

  • roundhammer117

    I have been to places where when mosquitoes land, men bring out hoses to refuel them. Others rearm their wing stations with new missiles, bombs and bullets.

    As for doughnuts, Ma’am, I enjoy simplicity: Chocolate with Half-Sprinkles.

    I had to score higher than 300 on the PT Test to have one . . . but when I scored a 323 . . . I . . . kinda’ forgot.

    In truth, I have not eaten a doughnut since I enlisted in 2000.

    I chew beef jerky the way Rangers chew tobacco. Kept me going out there.

    Please, remember to get your doughnut, or it will be twelve years later when you remember you wanted one.

  • LC LtC

    I also was in need of doughnuts, of which I have had none in many months. Found this little cubby hole shop near the auto repair place I spent time in this morning and got three crunchy plain ones.

    Made coffee at home and then watched a nice vigorous squall roll through, followed by a young mom escorting the first fawn I’ve seen this season.

    Now it’s sunny and clear. Ah, Texas…

    • LC Aggie Sith

      Crunchy plain doughnuts? Is this English??

      Also, thanks for the pic of the deer. I loved it, even though my first thought was, “DAMN IT!! There goes the landscaping” 😀

  • fetchmyflyingmonkeys

    Mmm Krispy Kreme…

  • John DuMond

    Closed? Most of the doughnut shops around here are open 24/7.

  • Anjin

    I hate it when the morning runs away. I love mornings. I see the sun rise everyday. I’ve grown accustomed to ’em.

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