Daily Archives: May 31, 2012

Lazy Afternoon

Well, the morning got away from me. I’ll get her back tomorrow, don’t y’all worry.

This is the last day of school for my kidlets. That means Purgatory for me, at least once Hubby returns to work. So far, there has only been one fight disagreement. Vast improvement over last year. But the day is still young.

Today is very overcast, and I hear the rumble of thunder. Hopefully it will rain enough to keep the lawn green for a few days. Otherwise I have to go out and hand-water while providing my legs for a mosquito smorgasbord.

I’m feeling a bit low, and think that perhaps-maybe I should get a doughnut.

*looks at the time*

*realizes all doughnuts shops are closed*

*shakes fist at Morning, cursing her bloody*

Ok, fine!!! Tomorrow I will get a doughnut. A JELLY ONE!!! 😀