Daily Archives: May 30, 2012

Shopping for Daddy

In one phrase: it’s hell.

My dad is happy with a gift card to Barnes and Noble™. DONE!!! My father-in-law? Cooking stuff. DONE!! But Hubby? He doesn’t want anything. He has stacks of gifts still in boxes for which he has no use. One year, I gave him a miniature Stonehenge for his desk. It’s in a drawer, along with the Leonardo Da Vinci 3D Vitruvian Man. Oh, and yesterday I found his stash of plush microbes.

Yes, he has some of those. He is a pathologist, after all!

It’s sweet that he always tells us he doesn’t want anything, but it’s difficult to make Father’s Day special for him. This summer he was invited to return to Hungary to a medical school there, and I’m seriously thinking of packing him up and screaming “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!” as he passes through TSA checkpoints. It would be a lot simpler!!

What are y’all’s plans for the dads in your life?