Daily Archives: May 25, 2012

In a Former Life I Was a Social Secretary

Honestly, have my children never heard of a calendar??

The last few weeks of school usually entail having field days, fun days, concerts, awards ceremonies, and the like. I try to keep them all in my iPhone calendar so that I have easy access. Of course, it would help if the kids told me about these upcoming events with at least a few days notice. Eldest told me about her awards ceremony on the day it was scheduled. Little One told me of her concert waaaaay ahead of schedule, but so far ahead that I had totally forgotten when it was. Last night, Son was performing in the last concert of the year. I had known for a couple of days, but Hubby was taken completely unawares. Today I found out Little One had a Fun Day scheduled at school. Tonight we are getting together with Hubby’s coworker and his wife. Tomorrow is Wine Night (designated driver, so there), and Sunday we have a friend coming to stay overnight.

I cannot tell y’all how many of these things I have owned in the past. I also cannot tell you how many went without being used. I try to stay organized, but by far the best solution for me is the calendar in my phone. Since I set it to remind me of things listed, I don’t have to consult it every single hour of every single day.

Now I just have to train the kidlets into telling me about their activities promptly 😉