Second Best

I’m not a very vain person. Sure, I know I have some rather nice qualities. Patience is a strongpoint, for example. But I am the type to be content with being second best. I am second best at many things: singing, playing Scrabble™, bartending. Many of us try to excel at one thing, and I admit to trying to be Numero Uno at certain things. But I realize that I can’t succeed at everything. Being second best is a good alternative for me. I don’t advocate being “good enough”, mind you. I just tend to appreciate that sometimes trying my hardest will not elevate me to the top.

I can be second best mom, after mine. I can be second best friend, second best writer (Ok, maybe seventh or eighth in that department!), second best Spanish tutor, second best cook. There is no shame in being second best, as long as I have tried for first.

The trick is to keep trying 🙂

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