Daily Archives: May 23, 2012

Random Tidbits

Totally off the wall posting, but I’m rather busy today.

I want to learn to use Hubby’s Nikon F2 camera. And by “learn” I mean “master it so I can take it over.”

I have never understood the need for a tomato fork. The curved tines drive me nuts.

Combing a Sheltie takes patience.

The later you start dinner, the simpler the menu becomes.

Summer is a mixed blessing. No more Mom Taxi, but no more peace and quiet, either.

Paper shredding is very Zen.

And now, for something completely off the wall:

Those of you looking for doughnuts, I hope y’all aren’t disappointed. You have to admit, lemurs a la Matrix is way cooler than a glazed doughnut.

Maybe 😉