I’m not very good at looking inward. I try to just go along and do what needs or has to be done because there is no other alternative. When I was giving birth to Eldest, I dilated so fast, I had to start pushing without the aid of an epidural. I had no choice in the matter! I see Life in pretty much the same way. One can reflect on alternatives that are available, but I usually fall back on Occam’s Razor™. The simplest solution is usually the best one.

Sometimes, it fails. That’s usually when I do have to take the time to reflect on the various possibilities available to me, either to grow, or to find happiness, or to deal with loss and pain. I am not one to ask myself if I’m happy. I assume I am since my family is doing well, and there are no major calamities wreaking havoc in our lives. Usually that is enough for me. But for the rest, I do take the time to analyze what has to be done. Sometimes going the simplest route is not an option.

I suppose the trick is in knowing when to cut to the heart of the problem, and when to carefully trim away the excess. I’m still learning, and trying to do what is best for everyone. It will be a long time before I can make decisions solely based on me. Being part of a family precludes that luxury. But in the end, it’s totally worth it 🙂

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5 responses to “Reflections

  • roamingfirehydrant

    I don’t know what to tell you, just that I’ll be praying for you. In the meantime, hang around positive people. You don’t need any Debbie Downers wearing you down right now. (((HUGS)))

  • LC LtC

    You’re part of your family, too, so please take care of yourself, too. Roamy is the first, but not the last, to offer hugs.

  • B.C.

    You can’t give hugs with nukular arms, but here’s a few with Intarwebz arms. \:-)/

  • B.C.

    Crap. That smiley didn’t work out the way I’d hoped it would. Anyway, here’s one the Olde Skoole way. *HUG*

  • LC Aggie Sith

    Thanks, everyone! I didn’t mean for the post to sound so very sad. I just wanted y’all to know that things, though not very smooth, are at least progressing 😉

    And I’ll take all the hugs I can get!!

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