Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Fate is Fickle, and She Laughs A Lot

It never fails….

Yesterday started really well. I was cleaning, getting the house ready for a visit from The Nomstress and her family. SQUEEE!!! Anyway, I was in the groove, moving along, and getting stuff done, when there was a knock on the door. It was the Lawnmower Man™, but not to collect payment. Turns out while mowing the front lawn, the mower kicked up a small rock with enough force to take out a van window.

My first thought was, thank goodness no one was hurt. The next thought? “OMIGAWD!! WHAT DO I DO NOW???” But I calmed down, talked to him, and agreed on a payment plan, called my insurance, and arranged for replacing and clean up.

Unfortunately, I spent two hours in the hot Texas sun cleaning and picking glass out of the lawn, instead of getting their room ready in the cool comfort of my home. Several cuts and a nice red face later, I managed to finish my chores prior to their arrival, but only just. I want to think Fate is done playing with me, but I get the feeling she’s found a perfect target for her mirth 😉