Daily Archives: May 17, 2012

Common Scents

I love candles. They are romantic, and give a very flattering light, and in the winter they help to warm up the home. I have them everywhere, on the kitchen table, the bar, around my bathtub, even in the fireplace. Love, love, LOVE them.

But I also have kids. And I have excitable dogs. And that means that sometimes candles are a hazard to my mental health. Nothing like having a son asking if he can burn his graded schoolwork in his room to make one think twice about lighting candles. I’m pretty sure he was joking, but knowing that he mastered the campfire merit badge before anyone else makes me a bit….cautious.

Anyway, as all parents know, kids are some of the most aromatic creatures on the planet, and that’s not a compliment. I keep their doors closed for two reasons: 1) the sight of their wreckage, and 2) the smell of their laundry. And if you own snakes, then it’s double as bad. At first I utilized candles, but then I was afraid of the hazard that comes with them being unattended. Then I got wax warmers, but they also required the use of tealights. And finding a pile of ash by one in Son’s room one day was enough to get me to look for an alternative.

Now, that’s smart! A warmer you plug in!! No flames, no fear!! And I love that you can change the scent from one day to the next without having to store a big candle somewhere. And on the plus side, it gives off a soft light, as well. I have already spilled the wax while moving furniture, and found that it is easier to wipe off than that of conventional candles. I do still keep candles around, but for high traffic areas, these warmers are safer and make better sense.

I just wish I had thought of them years ago 😉