Daily Archives: May 16, 2012

The Cake is a Lie

Sorry for not posting any dribble yesterday. I was running errands with Hubby, and by the time we arrived at home, it was time to play Taxi for the kidlets, and figure out what to make for dinner, which was a feeble attempt at Salisbury steak. Live, and learn.

Anyway, yesterday Hubby and I decided to have a sit-down lunch instead of drive-thru fare. My thrifty side was feeling a wee bit guilty, but it was his idea, and who am I to stop him from being happy, right? RIGHT?? It also gives us a chance to talk and not feel rushed about anything, so that was nice. And then it was time for dessert.

I do love Tiramisu, almost as much as I love Crème Brulee. The name translates to “pick me up”, which might be a reference to the caffeine in the espresso coffee and the cocoa powder.

But it was all a lie!!!

Looking at the picture I could feel the happiness radiating from it. “Go ahead and get some,” my Aggie Devil said. “It’s just one tiny, itty bitty dessert…” she kept whispering. And I was ctlhoisse* to getting it. But the Aggie Angel showed up. “Don’t do it. It’s a lie! The cake will make you feel good at first, and then you’ll want more, and more, until you can no longer fit in your clothes!!

I hate it when she’s logical. In the end I skipped it, knowing I didn’t need it and being full as I was would have made me feel even worse, physically at least. I can find balance between need and want.

I just have to remember to order dessert first next time 😉

* “this close” jumbled up to emphasize just how close I really was to ordering it!!