Daily Archives: May 12, 2012

Terminal Madness

Hubby got back from Hungary last night. Normally it’s a long trip. This time, it was a nightmare. Plane delayed due to a passenger’s missing paperwork in Heathrow, then plane redirected to OKC due to bad weather, then missing the connecting flight here, only to get the last flight out, which in turn was delayed on the tarmac due to many flights having been redirected. He finally arrived at 1 AM. At least the drive home was without traffic.

Anyway, while I was waiting for him, I kept busy watching people. I have to admit I do enjoy people watching. It’s fun, and I tend to make up stories about them. Like the gentleman who was wearing a business suit and carrying a garment bag. He obviously looked like a travelling business man, but could be a hitman just as easily. Oh, and the lady looking at her watch was obviously waiting for her significant other, but could also just be watching for the coffee shop to open. Kids are easy, though. They just run around and have fun in wide open spaces while ignoring their elders commands to shut up and sit down. However, sometimes you find one person from which you just can not tear your eyes!!

Most of us hope for Brad Pitt or Kate Upton, but I got the equivalent of Rebecca Black.

She was sitting behind me, flirting with a young man who was waiting for his ride home. Her voice was as smooth as sand in cogs. Her attire was appropriate for being out and about, especially the streets. But is was her sheer stupidity that drew me like moth to Bonfireā„¢. Apparently she was waiting for someone to come in on a flight, she was just unaware of which flight. All she knew was that he would be carrying an instrument. Suddenly she spied a gentleman with bulky baggage, and practically sauntered in her 5 in platform wedges to him, asking him if he had been waiting long for her, etc. Confused, the man kept shaking his head, and pointed to the baggage, saying something that made her titter and leave. She comes back to her friend and laughs shrilly, saying he was carrying golf clubs!! I just cringed. Finally the flight came in, and she went to meet it. And her friend, the man that was supposed to be carrying an instrument, turned out to be a woman carrying a tote bag. And she said she forgot. How do you 1) confuse genders, and 2) confuse baggage?? Well, she managed, but not before running into an older gentleman and insisting his name was Mr. Peterson, something the man vehemently denied, four times.

Last night I came so close to weeping for the future. Thank goodness I was wearing mascara.