Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Bacchanalia, Texas Style

Yesterday we went to the 9th Annual Wein and Saengerfest hosted in the lovely old German city of New Braunfels. Basically it’s a very large wine tasting featuring mostly wineries from across the state, though some out-of-state wineries were also featured. I didn’t bother much with those, since I was interested in the local stuff that I can get at the grocery store easily. Ok, I didn’t bother with them because I was too busy looking for the Sangria tent.

Which we found right off the bat!!

The way the fest works is, you purchase five tickets for five samples and get a free wineglass. You then have the option to purchase more tickets for $3 each. Total ripoff, but worth it when you consider you are away from the house and having semi-adult conversations with friends your own age. Wait…. Hm…. ok, close to your age. I just realized I was the oldest in the group. Had I realized that yesterday, I would have bought more tickets.

Ignore the manicure, look at the glass!

As soon as we find the Sangria tent, sponsored by a local favorite, Dry Comal Creek Vineyards™, we fork over two tickets. Yes, it cost two tickets, but you get a full glass of cold, delicious Sangria. And though the temperature was only 88* F (31* C for my Metric friends), the humidity was at about 1,890%, which explains the hellacious storm that came through the area last night, dumping roughly 2 inches and scaring the everloving life out of the dogs and Little One. So at least I can scratch “water the lawn” off my chore list today.

All in all, we had a great time. I only had to buy one extra ticket, so that was good. Like I said, the Sangria was worth two tickets, and I was rather thirsty. Besides, I didn’t have to drive at all. The stars don’t align like that very often, you know 😉