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Lazy Afternoon

Well, the morning got away from me. I’ll get her back tomorrow, don’t y’all worry.

This is the last day of school for my kidlets. That means Purgatory for me, at least once Hubby returns to work. So far, there has only been one fight disagreement. Vast improvement over last year. But the day is still young.

Today is very overcast, and I hear the rumble of thunder. Hopefully it will rain enough to keep the lawn green for a few days. Otherwise I have to go out and hand-water while providing my legs for a mosquito smorgasbord.

I’m feeling a bit low, and think that perhaps-maybe I should get a doughnut.

*looks at the time*

*realizes all doughnuts shops are closed*

*shakes fist at Morning, cursing her bloody*

Ok, fine!!! Tomorrow I will get a doughnut. A JELLY ONE!!! 😀

Shopping for Daddy

In one phrase: it’s hell.

My dad is happy with a gift card to Barnes and Noble™. DONE!!! My father-in-law? Cooking stuff. DONE!! But Hubby? He doesn’t want anything. He has stacks of gifts still in boxes for which he has no use. One year, I gave him a miniature Stonehenge for his desk. It’s in a drawer, along with the Leonardo Da Vinci 3D Vitruvian Man. Oh, and yesterday I found his stash of plush microbes.

Yes, he has some of those. He is a pathologist, after all!

It’s sweet that he always tells us he doesn’t want anything, but it’s difficult to make Father’s Day special for him. This summer he was invited to return to Hungary to a medical school there, and I’m seriously thinking of packing him up and screaming “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!” as he passes through TSA checkpoints. It would be a lot simpler!!

What are y’all’s plans for the dads in your life?

Sweet Satisfaction

Honestly, I let the day get away from me, but only because I was outside having fun.

The backyard has some rather nice bushes, along with cassia, a loquat tree, gardenia (one that is struggling to survive), and a nice but hidden crepe myrtle. Yesterday after dinner I was sitting outside, donating blood enjoying the nice breeze when I took stock of all the overgrowth.

That’s right. Joaquina came out to play!

And there is nothing as satisfying as taking a 14 inch machete to the bushes and trees outside. Even the dogs were going nuts every time they heard the whack!! as Joaquina dealt a killing blow. The best part? Having the kids do the clean-up.

Momma is pretty smart 😉

We Remember

With love and gratitude, we thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy freedom.

May we remember always.

Sunday Sithy

Well, last night I attended a Wine Party, and finally had the chance to imbibe, since Hubby was my designated driver. As usual, it was a lot of fun, with many stories told and lots of wine decanted. There must have been twelve bottles of different wines for us to guzzle try. And though it was a rather sad occasion, since one of our friends is moving west, a good time was had by all. So good, that I have to go take something for my headache right now, so here:

Also, it’s Sunday, so I’m kinda hoping for doughnuts.

Y’all have a wonderful day!!

School is Cool

Last night, Hubby and I decided to talk to our kids about college, trying to figure out what they want to study, and if they wish to attend, and when. It’s an expense that must be measured and obviously one that cannot be taken lightly. The last thing I need is for a kid to major in Eighteenth Century Estonian Basketweaving.

Anyway, the talk turned to what they enjoy doing, and I was trying to make a point of them figuring out what things and activities have kept them interested for years. That way they will have a better understanding of what kind of education they would enjoy pursuing. As usual, some humor entered the conversation, courtesy of Hubby.

Hubby: What interested you when you were younger?

Eldest: What do you mean, Dad?

Hubby: Well, when I was your age, I wanted to be a Penthouse™ photographer.


Eldest: Dad, why would want to take pictures of penthouses?

Me: (sighing in relief) I have never been so happy to hear you say something like that.

My relief was short-lived, since Hubby explained what he meant. But for a few seconds, I was revelling in the beautiful innocence. Like it or not, I have to let them grow up sometime. I just wish it were in a bubble 😉

In a Former Life I Was a Social Secretary

Honestly, have my children never heard of a calendar??

The last few weeks of school usually entail having field days, fun days, concerts, awards ceremonies, and the like. I try to keep them all in my iPhone calendar so that I have easy access. Of course, it would help if the kids told me about these upcoming events with at least a few days notice. Eldest told me about her awards ceremony on the day it was scheduled. Little One told me of her concert waaaaay ahead of schedule, but so far ahead that I had totally forgotten when it was. Last night, Son was performing in the last concert of the year. I had known for a couple of days, but Hubby was taken completely unawares. Today I found out Little One had a Fun Day scheduled at school. Tonight we are getting together with Hubby’s coworker and his wife. Tomorrow is Wine Night (designated driver, so there), and Sunday we have a friend coming to stay overnight.

I cannot tell y’all how many of these things I have owned in the past. I also cannot tell you how many went without being used. I try to stay organized, but by far the best solution for me is the calendar in my phone. Since I set it to remind me of things listed, I don’t have to consult it every single hour of every single day.

Now I just have to train the kidlets into telling me about their activities promptly 😉

Second Best

I’m not a very vain person. Sure, I know I have some rather nice qualities. Patience is a strongpoint, for example. But I am the type to be content with being second best. I am second best at many things: singing, playing Scrabble™, bartending. Many of us try to excel at one thing, and I admit to trying to be Numero Uno at certain things. But I realize that I can’t succeed at everything. Being second best is a good alternative for me. I don’t advocate being “good enough”, mind you. I just tend to appreciate that sometimes trying my hardest will not elevate me to the top.

I can be second best mom, after mine. I can be second best friend, second best writer (Ok, maybe seventh or eighth in that department!), second best Spanish tutor, second best cook. There is no shame in being second best, as long as I have tried for first.

The trick is to keep trying 🙂

Random Tidbits

Totally off the wall posting, but I’m rather busy today.

I want to learn to use Hubby’s Nikon F2 camera. And by “learn” I mean “master it so I can take it over.”

I have never understood the need for a tomato fork. The curved tines drive me nuts.

Combing a Sheltie takes patience.

The later you start dinner, the simpler the menu becomes.

Summer is a mixed blessing. No more Mom Taxi, but no more peace and quiet, either.

Paper shredding is very Zen.

And now, for something completely off the wall:

Those of you looking for doughnuts, I hope y’all aren’t disappointed. You have to admit, lemurs a la Matrix is way cooler than a glazed doughnut.

Maybe 😉

A Bit Nippy

As God is my witness, I am not making this up.

Yesterday, the window on my van was repaired. That required the presence of a “stranger” in my driveway. My neighbor’s dog, an awesome, well-trained Australian Shepherd, was consequently driven nuts by the fact that someone he doesn’t know was in such close proximity to the area he is tasked to guard. I could hear him barking even while I was inside my house. Anyway, my neighbor was also dogsitting for her parents’ Aussie, a much younger, active, less-trained puppy. This puppy has the gift of egging other dogs on about barking and chasing and doing the things dogs normally do, only at a few orders of magnitude. In other words, the puppy is usually the instigator.

Not the actual Aussie, but gorgeous nonetheless!

After the repairman left, I moved the van into the garage, and then proceeded to go move the Pathfinder to the driveway, since I had parked it on the street. My neighbor, blessed woman that she is, was out with both dogs letting them relieve themselves. Her dog wasn’t on a leash, because he is trained to stay on the lawn. Before I go any further, I must underline how much I like this dog. As I walked down my driveway, perilously close to my neighbor’s yard, the dog, still in protective mode, charges at me. As taught, I stand my ground, and as HE was taught, he charges again.

My neighbor is screaming at her dog while frantically holding on to the instigator puppy.

On the second charge, the dog finds something to nip at. Now, my arms were at my sides, and I was standing sideways to him by this time. The only thing he can detect, small as it is, is my *ahem* upper pectoral milk decanting device. As I said, he is well-trained, so he only nipped at it.

But holy cow that was more than enough!!!

In tears, I get in the Pathfinder and move it, while my neighbor is calming and reinforcing training on her dog. I get out to let her know I’m fine, and hilarity ensues.

Neighbor: ARE YOU OK????

Me: Yes, it hurt a bit but..

Neighbor: OMIGAWD!! Did (name redacted to protect the innocent) bite you???

Me: Just a nip, nothing serious, really. (I am trying to calm her down by now)

Neighbor: Where??

Me: Uh…. (pointing).

Neighbor: OMIGAWD!!! Did he break skin???

(Keep in mind if a dog does draw blood, it must be quarantined for 72 hours, and the person treated for it)

Me: Oh no… not at all. I’m fine.

Neighbor: Are you sure? Take a picture of it and send it to me.

Me: (Laughing) No offense, but that is something I would only do for Hubby!!

Luckily, I am married to a doctor who took it upon himself to *ahem* check it over to make sure it was ok. Yes, it’s a bit tender, but it will heal. Suffice it to say, the dog was very contrite, and did snuggle up to me to make up for it. He sure is an awesome dog, but apparently takes that whole “take a bite out of crime” thing to extremes 😉