When Cleaning Pays Off

I decided to adopt The Queen’s dictate about cleaning five things or areas per day. Hubby thinks that this house is in need of Niecy Nash or the Hoarders crew, but that’s his minimalistic nature talking. I do admit we have junk drawers and piles of paperwork around the house, though. And being fond of scrapbooking, I admit to having piles of material and “junk” that I use for that purpose. But overall, I keep it contained. The same way I contain myself in jeans, I suppose.

Anyway, I was cleaning off a pile of receipts over by the kitchen sink and guess what??? I found a $50 gift card!!! Yes, it is addressed to me. That was a very nice surprise, but not as good as the one I found while cleaning yet another stack of paperwork in my room,ย where I found a $200 gift card to Pottery Barn!!! Mom and Dad’s gift from Christmas, which I can be forgiven for forgetting about since my life has been a bit topsy-turvy.

And if that weren’t enough, I just found $13.45 in the laundry. It’s almost like Fate is forcing me to go shopping. I guess Fate knows shopping therapy works wonders for women. So I’ve heard ๐Ÿ˜‰

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13 responses to “When Cleaning Pays Off

  • LC Aggie Sith

    And before anyone says anything, I am cleaning five things up today, PLUS finishing my laundry, AND cleaning my bathroom before I leave to go shopping. So there ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Lemur King

    You should Skype or e:mail Cruel Wife. You can form a hoarding support group.

    I’m sure there’s a home for you two… a 12-step program for shortish weapon-wielding hoarding moms with saintly savant-level husbands.

  • katiepede

    Brilliant!…. However, (and forgive me for asking), but, what is pottery barn? Is it a barn of pottery, if so, that is awesome. Annnnd, now this isn’t quite the same, but I found the fiver in my trousers the other day, woop!

    I too am a little hoardery in my nature…but am trying to rid myself of stuff! Three more bags to go to charity tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I sent nine, NINE BAGS, to the local charity last week! And finding a Fiver is like finding ten bucks here, so it’s pretty close ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Pottery Barn is a misnomer. I wish they sold pottery and was like a barn, but in reality, it’s a very upscale shop, similar to Marks and Spencer, only without the clothing departments ๐Ÿ™‚


      • katiepede

        oooh Such pretty things… looks a bit like John Lewis stuff…. my favourite shop…. (I worked there once for Christmas, unfortnately spent most of my earnings there)!

    • Cruel Wife

      Lucky us, Purple Heart calls up once a month or so, and asks if I have anything to pick up. I always find something to get rid of, I mean, give to their benefit! Two boxes went yesterday.

      I’m going to have plenty of time to weed out more now, too. I got laid off yesterday. While it sucks, I am SO glad to not make the commute anymore. Time to finally get my house in order. The front room has already seen progress…especially the kids’ desk.

      • katiepede

        Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that. Indeed it does suck!…. Well I hope (and sorry to sound so clique), that something better comes out of it. Like you said at least you have more time to sort stuff, and you might find that s better job is waiting around the corner ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  • LC LtC

    It’s NOT hoarding.

    It’s horizontal filing.

    Really. They’re updating the DSM.

  • B.C.

    Even the news about finding gift certificates and cold cash wasn’t enough to inspire me to get off my lazy @ss and do something productive around the Imperial Dungeon Game Roomยฎ. Have fun shopping. (Does Pottery Barn sell booze? Or at least booze-related items? I don’t recall ever stepping foot inside one of their over-priced establishments.)

  • Nicole

    Oooo… Gift card shopping. The best kind!


    A-yorlin’, a-yorlin’, a yorlin’s been my ru-i-in.
    I’ll go no more a yorlin’ with you fair maid. ๐Ÿ™‚

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