I Feel the Need For a Voodoo List Again

It’s always something, isn’t it?

The good news is I can say no living beings would be harmed today. My Voodoo List™ today is comprised of the little annoyances around the house that tend to pile up and choke you.

That’s a bit of paraphrasing from Hubby right there.

My Voodoo List of the Week™:

  1. Stupid cracks in the walls. I have to count and make notations and then get someone to come and repair them.
  2. Portraits still waiting to be hanged. I need picture hanging crap.
  3. Prep and clean the bathroom so I can paint it. I have done this five times. Still haven’t painted the stupid thing.
  4. Fix the towel rods in aforementioned bathroom. Because kids destroy worlds.

See that crack between the wrench and the screwdriver?? I have to fix that!!! 😀

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4 responses to “I Feel the Need For a Voodoo List Again

  • John DuMond

    Look on the bright side, at least you have a really clean bathroom. 😀

  • Lemur King

    Wall cracks – Bond-O.

    Picture-hanging crap – David Byrne (talking heads) took a different approach. He leaned all his art against the wall on the floor, stacked some number of hangings deep. When he felt like a change of scenery he’d just move one to the front of the stack. Have your white walls and your art, too.

    Bathroom – give the kids some spray paint and go have a mint julep on the porch until the fumes clear. They’re young and have a surplus of brain cells, right? At my age if I lose just three brain cells I will lose the ability to wipe my own ass – they come at a premium.

    Towel rods – why? Just pile the towels in various piles on the back of the toilet, the edge of the sink, and on the floor. Because that’s where they’re going to end up anyway.

    And with all that saved time you’ll have plenty of extra time to fill out the paperwork to be an ordained minister so you can perform wicked weird weddings. (I responded to your comment, btw)

  • Anjin

    Just don’t paint it pink. I live in an older house and have one bathroom that has pink tiles. Never changed ’em…feel like I need to wear panties everytime I go in there, but they are nice “old” tiles. Changing ’em out would be major.

  • Mrs. Who

    “Because kids destroy worlds.”

    Best summary of why it’s so hard to be a parent. *sigh*

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