How to Get Brownie Points on Mother’s Day

Yeah, I’m still operating at impulse power, and what better way to use impulse than to go shopping, right?? Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I know some of y’all tend to wait until the last freakin’ minute overthink about the perfect gift.

Well, that’s what I’m here for. I am your Fairy Aggie. Oh, shut it, and read on.

Jewelry and knick knacks tend to be perennial favorites, but there comes a time that they become run-of-the-mill, and totally expected. Try to think outside the jewelry box. As y’all know, I am a big, BIG fan of PJs. Nothing better than wearing comfy PJs and relaxing, in my opinion. If the mom in your life is like that, she would looooove these:

As always, model not included, so don’t bother asking.

Lately I have gone nutso over Vera Bradley™. It’s not for everyone. I understand that those happy flowery bags can cause some of y’all to have epileptic seizures. So Hubby says, anyway. But still, every woman needs a big tote for everything under the sun, be it as a travel bag, or a shopping bag, or to carry books from the library, or because she really is the type to carry everything including the kitchen sink. I really love mine, and that’s why I recommend this one.

It’s called the Go Round Tote, and it has pockets everywhere. Also, I picked this print because it seemed to be the most male-friendly in the lot. I’ll give y’all fair warning if you click the link: pink seems to be a favorite color at that site.

Lastly, if all else fails, a gift card to a favorite seller is always good. I used to think it was highly impersonal, but in retrospect, men really have a tough time shopping for gifts, and with a gift card, they really can’t lose. Many of us have e-readers, or enjoy reading books while taking a bubblebath. So this is always a welcome gift.

The beauty of a gift card is that you can make it for any amount. I do NOT recommend $5, however.

Anyway, I hope this guide helps some of my readers. Even if only one guy scores on Mother’s Day from taking my advice, I win 🙂

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6 responses to “How to Get Brownie Points on Mother’s Day

  • katiepede

    You could just tell your Mum that you’re now adopting the UK Mothering Sunday which has passed for 2012, so she’ll have to wait until March 10th 2013….. but that might be a little mean! 🙂 (Please don’t anybody actually do this as I would feel awful)!

  • BrandyG

    Love my Vera Bradley bags, although hubby thinks they are way overpriced for cloth (i.e. Not leather) bags. I will say though, I only get them offline when they are on (super) sale, because those prices can get a bit much! I’m afraid here in Germany though, I stick out like a sore thumb as an American carrying my colorful floral purse or tote, hah!

  • flyoverhere

    I designed a family calendar for my ‘other mother’ with pics of her with our grand kids and all the family. Everyone’s pic is on their bday and anniversaries. Since my Mom passed in March I am so happy to have my other mother to think about on Mother’s Day….

  • xbradtc

    Why can’t you just use a brown paper grocery bag?

    //runs like the wind!

  • fetchmyflyingmonkeys

    I am a mother, just not a mother.

  • RabidAlien

    Heh. Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” quite like a nice box of ammo or some extended-grip mags for that Springfield…just sayin’.

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