Daily Archives: April 22, 2012

Sunday Wisdom

Oy, what a way to start the day. We had plans to attend the annual dorm picnic today, only to find out Little One has a project due tomorrow and is having a friend over to help. Then my mother-in-law called us to offer her tickets to a shindig up north of Austin this evening, but it being a school night, we had to decline. And just when I start adjusting to new plans, the other kids pipe in with more stuff.

My glass was looking half empty. And then I saw this:

Wisdom from my friend Deb. Sometimes I forget how to be glad and happy for what I do have. Of course, some would argue that a half full or half empty glass means that there’s a bartender somewhere needing to fill it, but I’m willing to just be happy with the contents left in it 😉