Daily Archives: April 17, 2012

It’s Not Just a Job. It’s an Adventure!

Ok, so for me, shopping isn’t exactly a job. I do enjoy shopping a bit. Ok, quite a bit. FINE!!! A LOT!!! Anyway, sometimes shopping doesn’t go the way I plan it. This past Sunday we went to the outlet mall in search of Timberland boots for Hubby. His were quite old and worn, and he was in desperate need for a new pair.

And since he was getting new shoes, I saw a window of opportunity!

I have been toying with the idea of acquiring cowboy boots. I know, I know…. I live in Texas and don’t own cowboy boots. In my defense I could never make up my mind over which style/ leather/ heel I like. But I think I found a pair I could really enjoy wearing.

Yeah!!! Aggie boots!! And let me tell you, that toe can do serious damage. Anyway, I decided to go look for them at the Cavender’s Factory Store. Full disclosure: I have never been in a “cowboy store” that sold women’s wear. I was bedazzled by rhinestones everywhere!! Jeans, shirts, sandals (yes, sandals at a boot store), candle holders, wall hangings, even cowhides had rhinestones on them. Once I got past the blazing kaleidoscope, I made my way to the women’s shoe section. I had little hope of finding the boots, since we live in relative proximity to three major universities. But look I did.

And ended up questioning my presence on this planet when I saw these:

These are actually rain boots made to look like cowboy boots. My question is WHY?? I just don’t get it. Rain boots don’t need a makeover. It didn’t help matters when I witnessed several women fawning over them. Hubby said they looked like Vera Bradley had metastasized, which is another story altogether. We had gone to the Vera Bradley outlet and his first words in the store were, “It looks like a unicorn beshat the place,” and “This is what happens when a leprecaun vomits.” Needless to say, shopping that day came to an abrupt halt.

He is so much fun to have around 😀