Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

One of Those Days

I know adjusting is never easy. Today finds me out of creamer, low on coffee, out of Pop-Tarts™ (not for me, but for Hubby), disorganized in a feeble attempt to clean up messes around the house, and strung out, because I have to run errands for my mom that will take me out of town for the day.

Yesterday the trip to the outlet mall was a nightmare, but at least Hubby has new boots. As for me, I went into Cavender’s to see if they had some nice cowboy boots for moi, but alas, the mob and the styles contained therein drove me into a stabby state, so boots for me will have to wait. But at least I got to enjoy one of these:

The world famous Johnny Rockets Chocolate Malt™!! And it was soooooo good!!!

Now, off I go to Goodwill© to drop off what seems to be half of my daughter’s closet, and then go grocery shopping. Hopefully I’ll have made a big enough dent in the garage that my van can finally fit 🙂