Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

Easter Came and Went, and No Sugar Coma

I just didn’t have the time!!

Yesterday found us attending a lovely Easter Mass, and then rushing to pack up the Mom Mobile™ for our trip back home. Normally I would have gorged on the Peeps™ once I got home, but we had to unpack and settle my folks in their prospective areas (I got Dad, and sis got Mom), and then had to rush over a late dinner and then get home. It was late, and though I very much wanted to savor the sugary goodness, I was just too tired.

And today finds me in quandary. I have to go pick up my other sister and her family from the airport, and can’t indulge until after they are settled at my sister’s, because even though I am a rather cool aunt, I refuse to share my Peeps™. I know that sounds selfish, but c’mon!!! I have waited for weeks for this stuff!!!

But I think I have found the solution.

AND… I’m using cotton candy vodka.

I would like to see a kid try to take that Peep away from me!!

There will be sweet, sweet sugar tonight 😉