Trying to Write a Post While Operating With Only Three Hours of Sleep is Like Herding Koalas Through Bamboo

I have tried writing something, anything for today, but I am too fuzzy minded. Well, more so than usual. All I know is that waking up from a really vivid dream at 2 AM does not make for a happy Aggie.

It doesn’t make a very lucid Aggie, either.

Nor a coherent one.

I guess my plans to trim the loquat branches using my machete will have to wait. Bad enough to lose sleep. I don’t need to lose a limb, either.

At least the koalas look happy… 😉

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14 responses to “Trying to Write a Post While Operating With Only Three Hours of Sleep is Like Herding Koalas Through Bamboo

  • Lemur King

    Don’t want to lose a limb, either…. classic, Aggie.

    Go take a 20 minute nap. It’ll do wonders.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    Well, I took a small nap.

    I had a dream about koalas.


  • Nomstress

    Vicious little beasts. 😛 You know the Japanese think Koala poo is lucky? Weird, huh?

    Better than Pomeranian-stealing terrorists I would think…

    More coffee I say!!! More coffee! 😀

  • wctaqiyya

    Another machete reference. I wonder, can I be on your team please? This koala thing. Can we be sure it’s not just some innovative panda bear displacement? When you sleep, do you dream of pandas? Do panda bears frighten you or remind you of idiot comments on your blog? OK, just bring your machete with you when you dream and slice up some pandas. Call me in the morning.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    Hm…panda bear displacement…. There’s a thought.

    I’ve only dreamt of dead pandas. Perhaps you are onto something.

  • wpdunn74136

    i had a dream where sweet aggie led a Koala army revolt against the zombie Obumbler hordes, or ponies, i forget

  • Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere

    I get it.

    Two nights ago I had a dream that on the 1 to 5 weirdness scale was a 12.

    • Lemur King

      “The Naked Lunch” kind of weird or “Richard Simmons” weird?

      Any time someone tilts a 1-5 scale with a 12 I get curious. That’s one hum-dinger of a dream.

      A buddy of mine swears that if he forgets to take off a nicotine patch before bedtime he’s visited by some of the strangest stuff he has ever experienced.

      • Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere

        Flashback to high school. Walked home from work on a summer Saturday morning. At the corner, I was met by a classmate who barely spoke to me in school…she was homecoming court. I was brain trust tolerated by the jocks because I played sports.

        Anyway, she followed me home, talking all the way, and all I could think was “Why are you talking to me?” So I’m at the kitchen sink washing an apple, and I hear her giggle. I turn and she’s got her top down to the point where they were cutting across her nipples.

        I turned back to the sink as she giggled harder, and then turned again to see the top down around her waist and the girls singing freely in the breeze.

        Then I woke up. And found $20.

  • Jay in Ames

    Best dreams I ever had were when I was quitting smoking, and wore the nicotine patch to bed.

    I might pick some up at the store later, they were so cool and vivid.

  • RabidAlien

    My dreams usually don’t mean much of anything (koalas or no), but there was one time, back in the Navy days, on my first sub…we were out on a short 2-month WestPac, patrolling around in “International Waters” *ahem*, and I had a dream where the sub had an accident. Like, went vertical and started flooding and such, panic and screams and all sorts of mayhem. By the time insomnia kicked in and booted me out of two very odd hours of sleep, we were trying to climb up the pipes and machinery to see if we could make it out the escape hatch or not. So, I shrugged it off, wandered around until my time to go on watch, and didn’t think much of it…until a shipboard-day or so later, when someone else mentioned having a dream about the boat sinking. And another guy. Then a fourth. All in all, about a dozen of us had dreams where the sub had an accident of some sort, sank, and lots of guys died. We all agreed it was rather weird….until we got a Red Cross message to drop a guy off in Hong Kong, and had an accident in the harbor (Google “USS Drum rammed in Hong Kong 1995″…should still be able to find some news articles on it). Lots of shorts had to be changed that afternoon.

    Worst part was…we lost our liberty port in Hong Kong, since the sub tender was tied up in Guam. Frikkin Guam.

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