Because More of a Good Thing Is a Good Thing

You know the feeling when you find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, or jeans that fit you so well that you wish you had more in every color??

Yeah, I get that feeling, too. I just take it further sometimes. Last year I found really comfortable sweat pants, so what did I do? I bought five pairs, two in the same color. That was either because I forgot I owned them in that color already, or because I was a little over zealous. This applies to lipstick and nail polish, as well. There have been a few times when I have found a beautiful shade of rose only to find out it was a limited edition nail color. This last week I found the perfect summer pink and bought three bottles of it.

This past month I was at the Soma™ store, and found a really nice dress. It was on sale, but they had a medium, which was too big (WHOO HOO!!!!) and an extra small, which fit rather clingy. Clingy can be good, but I tend to avoid it. I like more “flowy” dresses for two reasons: 1) I can move more freely, and 2) well….let’s just say I prefer no one else to know my sizes in everything. Sadly, there was no size small, so I thought my search for the dress was over. Until I went online.

Model not included, especially since she is wearing an extra small.

THEY HAD IT IN MY SIZE!!!! And that’s not all. They had two other solid colors!! So of course I have to get those, too!! It’s one thing to have two pairs of black sweat pants, and quite another to have two dresses in the same print. Just not done, right? And since I am so short, the dress comes down past my knees, which makes it perfect.

Of course, this means now I have to go find the perfect pair of shoes. More than likely three pairs, in different colors 😉

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