Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

A Trick and a Treat

I know, I know… wrong day, wrong month, wrong season. But this isn’t about Halloween.

I saw this photo today on a social site, and as my tummy was growling, I was reading the comments on it.

First of all, ZOMGYUMMY!!!! But secondly, just how is it done?

Well, most of my foodie friends have figured it out. But not the commenters at the photo. They kept asking if one presses the uncooked bacon in a muffin pan and bake. Close, but using this is much simpler:

Invert the custard cup upside down, and wrap the bacon around it. Then bake until done, and you have a beautiful little bacon bowl. You can do this with pie crust and phyllo pastry, too. And it makes you look like some big time gourmet!

Can this Sith cook, or can’t she??