Daily Archives: March 29, 2012

Postal Fail

I send packages all the time, and usually don’t pay attention to the flat rate Priority Mail™ boxes that are commonly used. I just fill, tape, address, and mail. We all do! So imagine my surprise when Son pointed this out:

You don’t see it yet, do you? Well, neither did I at first, and I’m a fanatical Sith when it comes to spelling and grammar.

That’s right: “Express” has TWO “S”s. (I maybe be a spelling Sith, but I’m not sure how to write the plural of one letter. STOP JUDGING ME!!!) And before you think it’s the French word for it, no it’s supposed to be in English. The French boxes have the circumflex accent ( ˆ ) above the second letter “E”.

Now, I won’t rush to judgment and condemn the entire US Postal Service for this. They probably contract out for such items. But it grates on my nerves that they can’t spell check, or at least decide on ONE spelling for that word. Seriously, pick English or French!

Just not Esperanto 😀