Sometimes My Kids Forget How Cool I Am

Yesterday I was cleaning out my jewelry stash, preparing to let the girls go through my discards of fashion baubles prior to giving the rest to my nieces. Sometimes I do wonder whatever motivated me to buy certain pieces of jewelry. No, I have nothing with skulls and crossbones in the lot. Not yet, anyway. Suffice it to say, most of it is usually appreciated by the girls, so it’s never a loss. But the cascading shell earrings were a wash for sure.

Anyway, as I was reorganizing my treasure chest the lot, I came across certain pieces that Hubby acquired during a conference he attended in Scottsdale, Arizona. I usually wear the earrings and necklaces, but had completely forgotten about this one:

Those who know me will probably be surprised that I own a “slave bracelet”. They would be more surprised to find that I own more than one. And let’s not start on the ankle bracelets. That inventory can take a while.

That’s right, kidlets: your momma is way cool, and she has the creds to prove it 😉

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