Daily Archives: March 19, 2012

St. Paddy’s Turned Into Christmas!

A brief prayer to thank the Good Lord that Spring Break is now over.

Over the weekend, I went to visit my folks. I try to post once a day, but posting Sunday was just not going to happen. It was really nice to visit with them, and have the chance to make plans for Easter. And as usual, my mom was working on a puzzle. She really enjoys the challenge, just like Little One does. As we were putting it together, my mom mentioned that I should take some of her silver since she doesn’t use it. As I ran like a mad woman calmly walked around the table to look at the pieces, I noticed she had some stemware, and I offered to clean them. She looked up and said it wasn’t necessary, but that I should take them.

Like I’m going to pass on WATERFORDâ„¢!!!

And if that weren’t enough, I came home to find a lovely surprise from The Queen!!

SQUEEEE!!! I got my own Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane glass, and a bag of mix, too!! The instructions say to add 4 oz of reconstituted mix to 4 oz of gold rum, and pour into the 28 oz glass full of crushed ice. I’m thinking more along the lines of less ice, and more booze.

But that will have to wait until Easter 😉