Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Things I have Done That I Will NEVER Do Again

I have written about my Things to Do Before I Die Listâ„¢ before. There are romantic places, some innocuous things like camping, and even looking at fossilized bones. I have a weird personality.

But there are some things I have done that I will never, EVER do again. Frankly, I’m amazed I had the courage (or stupidity) to attempt some of them.

#1– Go scuba diving.

I went once when I was 16 or so with my cousins, and it was amazing. I really enjoyed it. Fast forward to my honeymoon. I tried putting on the mask, and claustrophobia set in. I just can’t do it. It’s sad, because Hubby and our friend The Nomstress and her hubby love to go scuba diving. I guess I’ll just be content sitting on the beach, drinking a daiquiri and being waited on by Paolo.

#2– Dive in a shark cage.

I was not drunk. I was a guinea pig. My uncle wanted to do it, and none of my cousins (cowards) would go into the cage with him. My only thought was, “I’ll show them who’s brave…”, and in I went. The whole experience lasted maybe five minutes. In retrospect, I was not as aware of the danger as I should have been. I was in an area of Puerto Rico where once you go ankle deep in the water, you are an active member of the food chain.

Oh look! Sardines!!

Chalk that one up in the “Stupid Tricks” column.

#3– Dance contest.

And yet, alcohol was not involved. I was asked to be the designated driver for a group of managers who were in town for a district meeting. Being the only one familiar with the DFW area, it made sense for me to drive. Well, my manager friends decided to go to a club downtown, to a club that specialized in dance contests. It was like a sing-along bar, only dancing, not singing. And we all had to participate. The song? Madonna’s Vogue. Did I know what “Vogueing” was?? Nope. But I did win a free soda for being the only sober person dancing. That one goes under “courage”.

Believe me, there are many more. The list is pretty long.

And people wonder why I live a boring life đŸ˜‰