Stupid Fashion Rules

I am not one to blindly follow the fashion trends and fads. If I like something, then I will wear it, and probably keep it until the day I die. Or until it disintegrates. But sometimes those fads and trends do not make sense. For example, the most oft quoted fashion rule of all:

No White After Labor Day

Who knew there is history behind that?? Not only history, but common sense when it was still common. However, that rule is considered archaic by most people, and kept only by the most rigid fashionistas. So, in order to meet both contingents in the middle, fashion designers came up with the concept of winter white.

So yes, they took a color commonly known as cream and repackaged it. I think that was Coco Chanel’s idea. And I know, most men would still call that just plain white.

Another rule I have never understood:

Match Your Purse and Shoes

This is my current purse:

You bet a year’s worth of Godiva™ that I’m not going out to get the matching shoes. I love the print, but there’s a limit. Common sense dictates that your prints don’t clash. But let’s face it: it’s not like most people will be carefully looking at your shoes anyway!

And one that gets under my skin:

No Blazer With Jeans

That trend started in college. It was wildly popular. So popular that the local thrift stores were making a killing selling old men’s blazers to young college co-eds who wanted to look trendy. And no matter what fashion magazines say, it’s still popular today. Fashionistas say that it is “cheating” to wear a blazer or jacket with jeans, because you are trying to make a casual garment (the jeans) into more formal attire.

To that I say, Pfffffffffft!! If I like it, I will wear it!!

Remember, the only rule to follow in fashion is the one you make for yourself!!

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12 responses to “Stupid Fashion Rules

  • Lemur King

    If we come to visit can I wear some Mantyhose™? Or is that a tad to avant-garde for Texas?

    Truthfully, if we showed up at your doorstep and I was whacked out enough to be wearing them, I think a small screaming part of my brain would leap into the foreground and take control long enough to ask Mr. Aggie to do the broly thing and vent my brainpan with a bullet. And he would be right to do so in Texas.

    Or he could use his sushi-chef skillz to remove my frontal lobes entirely. Put them in a jar on a shelf and label them “Abby Normal” or something.

    Then, with my diseased brain out of the picture I would thank him and we could move along and all enjoy some BBQ’d dead animal flesh.

    But yeah, I’d do blazers and jeans. Jeremy Clarkson makes it work.

  • Sayno Soup

    I remember two fashion crazes from back when I was at the AMC. Bows, and gold fabric. We used to call the sorority chicks “Blocker Bow Heads”, and ones wearing gold shoes were wearing “potato bakers.”

    Yes, I hung out with a twisted crowd back then.

  • Lizard

    There are times I look at what my god-daughter wears and just shake my head thinking, damn that was ugly the first time around and now it is really ugly.

  • John D

    As I always suspected, Aggie, you are a true nonconformist (as opposed to the “nonconformists” who all nonconform in lockstep with one another).

    “I’m not gonna live by their rules any more.”

    -Phil Connors (Bill Murray), Groundhog Day (1993)

  • PepeLp

    I look at women’s shoes. The current trend of killer stilettos is one I heartily endorse.

  • Revvy

    My grandma is a stickler for fashion rules.
    From the 1970’s.

    We went shopping once and I picked out this lovely floor length white and black dress.
    G-ma: You’ll never wear that!
    Me: Yes I will, it’s pretty!
    G-ma: Well what will you wear it to?
    Me: Um, I dunno? Out to dinner, on a nice date…
    G-ma: You only wear long dresses to weddings!
    Me: …. wut?

    For the record, said lovely dress is in my closet now 🙂

  • RabidAlien

    Heh. All my dresses are way out of fashion.

    Seriously, I still wear Tshirts with cartoon characters on em (Marvin The Martian! Woot!) or snarky sayings (“I’m here because you broke something”…every IT guy should have one of those). Why? Cuz they’re comfy. For work, I shop at Target. Cargo pants (extra pockets make handy places to carry power cords, mice, tools, etc whilst the hands are encumbered with computers or old CRT monitors) and polo shirts (with no cute little alligators or anything embroidered on em). If I own a shirt that cost more than $20, it was probably a gift. And knowing the taste of my family and my wife’s family….it usually ends up being quietly donated at some point.

  • lclobo98

    I guess that I gotta get new shoes to go with this ??
    ‘Sides who really gives a sh*t what I wear, it’s not like I’m using that to keep the hordes offa me.

  • Yabu

    Back in my Romeo days, I once told a woman, “that’s a pretty dress, but it would look better on the chair next to my bed”. Haha!! Funny thing is, she agreed.

  • B.C.

    Nice choice on the Vera Bradley “On The Go” in Camellia, Agster!

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