Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

Stupid Fashion Rules

I am not one to blindly follow the fashion trends and fads. If I like something, then I will wear it, and probably keep it until the day I die. Or until it disintegrates. But sometimes those fads and trends do not make sense. For example, the most oft quoted fashion rule of all:

No White After Labor Day

Who knew there is history behind that?? Not only history, but common sense when it was still common. However, that rule is considered archaic by most people, and kept only by the most rigid fashionistas. So, in order to meet both contingents in the middle, fashion designers came up with the concept of winter white.

So yes, they took a color commonly known as cream and repackaged it. I think that was Coco Chanel’s idea. And I know, most men would still call that just plain white.

Another rule I have never understood:

Match Your Purse and Shoes

This is my current purse:

You bet a year’s worth of Godiva™ that I’m not going out to get the matching shoes. I love the print, but there’s a limit. Common sense dictates that your prints don’t clash. But let’s face it: it’s not like most people will be carefully looking at your shoes anyway!

And one that gets under my skin:

No Blazer With Jeans

That trend started in college. It was wildly popular. So popular that the local thrift stores were making a killing selling old men’s blazers to young college co-eds who wanted to look trendy. And no matter what fashion magazines say, it’s still popular today. Fashionistas say that it is “cheating” to wear a blazer or jacket with jeans, because you are trying to make a casual garment (the jeans) into more formal attire.

To that I say, Pfffffffffft!! If I like it, I will wear it!!

Remember, the only rule to follow in fashion is the one you make for yourself!!