Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Feeling Pretty

When Eldest was very young, she liked to wear pretty things. Like all girls do. We’re talking flowers in her hair, dresses, frills, the works. I loved to take her shopping and dress her up. It was like having my own living doll. Which was awesome, because most of my dolls were Barbies that I bent in half to make into “guns”.

Then Hubby decided to take over. And the feminine little girl transmogrified into a snake-charming, target-killing, bug-loving, dirt-digging tomboy who, like her father, preferred the comfort of black clothing and jeans. My sphere of influence shrank into a miniscule ring the size of a penny almost overnight. I was crushed, but hey! At least I had Little One still in my so-called grip.That lasted…oh, about two weeks. Once she saw that Eldest had her own unique style, she too, was done with me.

I just gave up...

So, imagine my surprise when Eldest asks me to take her shopping for new clothes. Now, normally I try to instill a bit of influence over what my kids wear. I am adamant about modesty, but have pretty much given up on the whole feminine thing with the girls, since every time I would try to get them in a dress I would get the inevitable eye roll accompanied by the always popular, “Moooom!!!

Eldest: Mom, can you take me clothes shopping?

Me: Do you need jeans again??

Eldest: I want a new dress.

Me: …..

Eldest: Maybe some pretty tops to wear at school.

Me: You mean in other colors besides black, grey, or more black?

Eldest: *rolls eyes* Yes…

Me: LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

So, a dress, some tops, and heels later, she is enjoying her new look.

I don’t know how long it will last, but I will be enjoying it the whole time!! 😀