Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

The March Hare

This is a great title to my post. Why? Because I am going nuts over all the stuff happening this month here at Casa de Aggie. This week brings dental appointments, tax prep, birthday party, and then, just when I thought Spring Break meant just that, I find that two kids have ROTC commitments and then family portraits, and then Son’s birthday, and after that I may be able to go out of town to visit family and deliver last Christmas gifts.

And this is all before the 18th of this month.

And after they go back to school, it’s Spring Concert season. YAY ME!!

This is what I look like, only with a sweatshirt. And clean shaven.

Sadly, the one thing I had to look forward to is no longer on the schedule, but at least the year is winding down, and the countdown goes on.

I’m just grateful to have coffee.

When is Easter?? 😉