Daily Archives: March 4, 2012

On Appreciation

Sometimes we fall short of it. I know I have, many times. I have been a not-so-appreciative wife. I always try to see the upside of things, glass is half full, silver lining, etc. But lately I have been morose and down about not having Hubby home. It shows when I snap at one kid for not rinsing out a glass, or when I get impatient waiting for them to do some small chore. I am so used to having some sort of communication with Hubby everyday, that when I don’t, I immediately begin to worry.

And worry sometimes leads to resentment.

I know he is in a really tough spot, both figuratively and literally. His absence here has made me appreciate how much I took him for granted, and how much I really need him. I try not to resent the fact that he extended due to unforeseen circumstances, all of which I understand. But logic doesn’t help me much when I sit at home alone waiting for a text or a call. It doesn’t help me when I read the news. So, I have to shake this feeling off, and be more compassionate about his worries, and show him how much I appreciate the sacrifices he makes for me and the kids.

Counting down the days may help, but so will counting my blessings.